Saturday, March 28, 2009

Armed Citizenry

Laws will never take guns out of the hands of criminals. The lawless will always have guns until an armed citizenry makes it too dangerous for them to commit crimes with weapons.
---William Fortner 2009---

Friday, March 27, 2009

Against Inequities

Obama is strongly against inequities. I think it is a good idea. Let's see, Obama has been president for almost 90 days. There are 300 million Americans who have never been president. It's time for him to give up the office so others can share the wealth.
---William Fortner 2009---

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Total Domination

This administration and Congress do not seek to govern. They seek to dominate.
---William Fortner 2009---

Monday, March 23, 2009

Upwind of DC

I am so fortunate to be upwind of Washington, DC. The stench from this amoral administration reeks to high Heaven of dishonesty, lies, greed, avarice, malfeasance, incompetence and socialism, none of which are characteristics of statesmen, patriots or Americans.
---William Fortner 2009---

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Government Fear

Honest and fair government has the respect of the electorate and no fear of insurrection so freedom abounds. A dishonest government is mistrusted, fears it's citizens and severely limits their freedom to protect its power.
--- William Fortner 2009 ---

Global Warming Cultists

Global warming cultists carefully avoid exposure to fact as facts in this matter are a serious impediment to research grants and high dollar speaking engagements.
--- William Fortner 2008 ---

Multicultural Society

Europe's snobbish belief in their "enlightened" multicultural society has allowed their foundations to rot. All that is necessary now is an Islamic nudge to topple them.
--- William Fortner 2008 ---

Don't Mess With The Old Folks

Don't mess with old farts... age and treachery will always triumph over youth and skill! Bullshit and brilliance come only with age and experience.
--- William Fortner 2009 ---

Coddling Pirates

When did the most powerful combatants afloat change from Men of War to police barges and why "take" pirates to court. The court is already there. The word of three eye witness naval officers plus the satellite, video and audio coverage is ample proof of guilt. Nothing need be argued. It is only left for justice to be meted out. Destroy the pirate vessel and let the pirates swim home.
---William Fortner 2009---

Fort Sumter

The last time this country had a problem with the federal government, the government lost
Ft. Sumter. They might lose it again. This time there is no "industrial North" to win it back.
---William Fortner 2009---

Media Executioner

The media thinks Obama is indebted to them because of their slavish support of his campaign and presidency, but he is their executioner. He needs total information control and that means state owned. He welcomes the demise of the so called "free press" and MSM and won't lift a finger to save it. Sorry ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN, without credibility, you lose.
---William Fortner 2009---

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Really Crooked Politicians

Really crooked politicians may no longer need to be bought. For some, the mere mention of something dishonest is irresistable.
---William Fortner 2009---

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Honey Bees

4. Honey Bees
Perhaps nothing on our list of disappearing America is so dire; plummeting so enormously; and so necessary to the survival of our food supply as the honey bee. Very scary. 'Colony Collapse Disorder,' or CCD, has spread throughout the U.S and Europe over the past few years, wiping out 50% to 90% of the colonies of many beekeepers -- and along with it, their livelihood.

Consider the plight of the honey bee. It works very hard to provide for its family and maybe get a little ahead in the event of an environmental disaster and what happens? Someone comes along and regularly robs the bees of the fruit of their labor leaving just enough for them to survive through the winter. Now I ask you, if you were a bee would you continue to work so hard or would you flee the thief who steals your wealth and set up housekeeping far from them or simply fly away and die?

Congress and the administration need to take note.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Gods' Own Image

Since God made man in His own image, there is a good chance He doesn't understand women either.
---William Fortner 2009---

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Balaam's Ass

I thought Balaam's talking ass was one of a kind. Imagine my surprise when I found the Democrats have a whole herd in Congress and the Administration!
---William Fortner 2009---

Legislative Lard

Jimmy Carter let the whole camel into the tent on his watch and now the Democrats want to buy permanence for a jackass with tons of pork in the so called "stimulus" bill. There is enough lard in that legislation to grease the skids for a Democrat monopoly for the next 100 years.
---William Fortner 2009---

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Stupid Government

Big government is bad because the bigger it gets, the dumber it gets and, ultimately, it gets too stupid to exist in the presence of intelligent life.
---William Fortner 2009---

Uncomfortable and Inferior

The media and democrats for the most part cannot abide persons of truth, honesty and character. It makes them feel uncomfortable and inferior.
---William Fortner 2009---