Saturday, October 9, 2010


I have seen a lot of personal change in the last year. I guess I asked for it. I don't know whether my time is short and the Holy Spirit has a lot to do in that short time or whether there is simply just a lot to do. I used to brag that I was the least of the sheep and one day God showed me that I was what I said I was. That really hurt. I decided I didn't want to be the least of the sheep and asked for help. It sure wasn't long in coming and knocking off the many rough edges hurts every now and then. Ten years ago I might have resented it, but now I welcome it. I know my faults are legion and it mystifies me as to why those that concern me the most aren't resolved first. More often than not, some other thing is dealt with that doesn't bother me so much, but it must bother God. My salty language is a major annoyance and an embarrassment to me, but God apparently has other priorities. If He doesn't do something about that soon I may be forced to quit cussing on my own.
---William Fortner 2010---

A Thought For Today

A thought from a dear friend.

OK. I'd like to offer a thought for the day, if original thinking is allowed.... :-)

"Thank you God, for life!"

Being human we tend to see life as a series of trials and tribulations, difficulties and annoyances, with scattered moments of joy interspersed here and there. Life is really an opportunity of several decades duration to make decisions and then reap the results of those decisions, to choose integrity or dishonesty, faith or cynicism, love or hate or anger, jealousy or acceptance, revenge or forgiveness. From these decisions we grow our souls, no less than we have grown gardens and reaped the fruit. Though we some day shed our bodies, our souls, ripened, move on and live in a place that is ready and suitable for them as harvested.

That's my thought but I think it could apply to more than just a day.

Ken 2010

God Is God

A few days ago, I asked why God had a thousand attendants and ten thousand servants as that seemed a bit much even for God. The still, small voice said, "God is God." Roger that! He can have all He wants. :-) Later, I stumbled across Malichai 3:16-18. I guess it takes a lot of help to keep a record of all the prayers and mere thoughts about God. I am not sure ten thousand are enough, particularly in hard times.
---William Fortner 2010---

Sword Scabbard

I think of this earthly body as a sword scabbard. Over time, the scabbard gets beat up, knocked around, scratched, soiled, weathered and damaged by any number of harmful occurrences, but when the hand that owns the sword, which is the spirit, draws it forth, it is unblemished, shiny and sharp ready to do the work of the Master's hand.
---William Fortner 2010---

Friday, October 1, 2010

Teats and Sand

Considering their glaring failures when tested, the usefulness of the TSA seems to be somewhere between teats on a boar hog and sand in Vaseline.
---William Fortner 2010---