Sunday, December 27, 2009

Pork Barrel Purchase

When a politician brings home the bacon you can rest assured that it is from somebody else's pig. In a moral world that is called theft which is a crime. People who commit crimes are called criminals. Think about that the next time your congressperson brags about bringing home the bacon and consider the character of your elected representatives and senators and how much YOU are contributing to organized crime.
---William Fortner 2009---

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Honor Sells For Chicken Feed

Apparently, the only way to stop the unconstitutional government takeover of health care is to buy a Democrat. We know Landrieu was bought for $300 million. We don't know as yet how much of our tax money Harry Reid paid for Nelson's vote. Maybe we can pool our pennies and buy a couple of Democrats of our own to stop this travesty. Their honor seems to come pretty cheap considering there are trillions at stake.
---William Fortner 2009---

Friday, December 18, 2009

The Blitz to Marxism Has Been Sped Up.

This is the first time I have included a URL for a congressperson and I do so because it is vital to this nation for this information to get out and for ALL Americans to get on the phone today and make immediate personal visits to their local congressional offices and protest. That URL is :

Our freedom is being attacked on many fronts at once under the cover of the holidays. Take action NOW!

---William Fortner 2009---

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Who Speaks For The Constitution?

Who speaks for the Constitution? It certainly isn't the Congress that is willfully ignorant of constitutional precepts, or the Administration that refuses to recognize constitutional authority to limit government intrusion into business and the lives of the people, and it certainly isn't the Supreme Court that sits on its high bench and fiddles while the Constitution burns waiting for someone to bring them the ashes to judge. If not them, then who will speak for the Constitution and insist it be returned to its rightful place as the supreme law of the land?
---William Fortner 2009---

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Backdoor Politics

I think the front door of the White House and the Congress could be bricked up. Neither the administration nor the congress seems to use anything other than the back door to do business.
---William Fortner 2009---

Monday, December 7, 2009

EPA, Absurdity in Action

"EPA Declares Greenhouse Gases a Danger." Won't Al Gore be pleased! I am sure all living things will be impressed at the scientific acumen of the EPA since it is a death sentence for all life. All green things need the CO2 to live that other living things provide. All other living things need the O2 that the green things provide. It would seem that the EPA is the greater danger to life on Earth at the global level and the economic wellbeing of the United States at the local level.
---William Fortner 2009---

Thursday, December 3, 2009


If Congress and the Administration won't listen to us when we tell them *NO NO*, they will get
the message when we tell them *BYE BYE*.
---William Fortner 2009---

Monday, November 30, 2009

Clay Feet

The clay feet of the idol are crumbling while the fawning media tries to patch it with bull dung. The halo is tarnished and the left keeps polishing its eyes hoping it will look better to no avail. Those clinging for dear life to the left side of the planet are still unrepentant. Perhaps they should let go, put their fingers in their ears and fall into the sun screaming LA LA LA LA La La La La la la la la....
---William Fortner 2009---

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Saga of the Miraculous, Amazing, Ingenious Four-horse Hay Feeder.

Excerpts from e-mail to a fellow sufferer during the recent design and construction of a new hay feeder for my beloved, shy and retiring wife of nearly 48 years...

Well, the good times are over. Attila the Hen is back from the 3 day horse ride that didn't go all that well. She returned with a trailer tire that looked like someone had fired a 10 gage shotgun from inside. Luckily she had a spare. Equally lucky, she picked up a used one that had less than 500 miles on it for 30 bucks. A new one was $98.

The only bright spot (for her) in her 3-day excursion was that one of the saddlebags told her about a homemade horse feeder that eliminated hay wastage. Already I foresee problems with this. It's like a wild hair crawled up her butt and took root. It's all I hear. Time to stock up on liniment, Band-Aids and Neosporin. I am getting a sense of dread and foreboding.

I just went out on deck to think a minute (2 am) and it was absolutely sound at all, no cars, no bugs, no horses, no donkeys or cows, no nothing. As I stood there marveling at the moon and the surreal quiet I said aloud to myself, "How beautiful." That disturbed Herc who got up, stretched and ripped off a long, loud one that scared the horses which ran helter skelter through the pasture to evade the ear-splitting, gaseous predator. That lit off my neighbor's dogs, that lit up the ones across the woods. When I came in a minute or two later, dogs were barking over the next ridge. So much for quiet solitude enjoying the full moon. :-(


We spent the afternoon playing SEABEE (Buildin' and Fightin') designing and building a portable horse feeder that restricts how much hay they can pull out at once and waste...and redesigned it and cut 4X4s...and re-redesigned it (4X4s now too short)...and re-re-redesigned it and cut 4 plywood it (two pieces of plywood now have to be trimmed a quarter inch on two sides each; fat chance with a skill saw) it and quit. Grand Total For Today's Efforts = Usable Cut parts - 0, Usable Sawdust - just under 5 gallons.

Bo had an accident in the livingroom early this evening. Thank God for dog biscuits that dry them out and I feed them all plenty. I was able to use a 6 iron to get it through the sliding glass door onto the deck and two-putted it into the Four O'clocks which a *friend* gave us and which multiplies faster than kudzu.

I went out on the deck around 9 tonight to stretch my legs and heard a repetitive growling of some sort. All the dogs were accounted for so I ran back in, grabbed the shotgun and Miz Dee. She picked up the 12 inch reflector, bizillion candlepower light we have and we crept to the end of the deck nearest the barn. We waited and, sure enough, the sound was still there. I readied myself to do battle with a mountain lion or a bear and Miz Dee switched on the light. No mountain lion, no bear in sight. Two horses standing, two sitting down and one sprawled flat out on his side...snoring...the bastard!

Ah, but tomorrow is another day....


I had a good day today because I worked with Miz Dee and didn't bleed even has to be a miracle. :-) My day went about as expected when Miz Dee insisted I follow her construction method. Her way took a lot longer as we had to take it apart, recut pieces, rescrew them together, then saw off the excess that just couldn't be made to fit otherwise. Anyway, the center pyramid is done and attached to the base frame that will go on the 4x4s when I get them. We worked out the top support and a method to stabilize it where even our horses won't be able to move it. That will require four more 2x4s that will arrive with the two 4x4s if she goes and gets them. She admitted my way would have been quicker and I was kind and told her that the only way to learn is to make mistakes so she wouldn't feel bad about the extra two hours. Besides, she came up with the roof support solution and it was better than mine and I was hungry. :-)

I am too broke to finish Miz Dee's project. Miz Dee is going to have to foot the bill for the rest of the lumber. I have contributed greatly to the project from my vast storehouse of screws, nails, plywood and latticework anyway. :-) I did order the plans for a GEET reformer and a magnetic generator today. That will be my next two major projects provided I survive this one.


The sides, lattice and top frame are on the hay feeder and it is a marvel to see. Still no bloodshed. My astonishment grows! :-) Tomorrow we will get some lag bolts to fix the container part to the skids and some hinges and hasps to secure the plywood top (after we cut it). It will be officially finished when the top is painted. I ain't doing that. It looks like it will hold nearly 8 bales of hay so it won't have to be filled very often and the hay should slide down and keep it next to the lattice where they can get a little at a time and not waste it as we hope the design will do. I'll send pictures when I can...if we take any. :-)

Tonight, Miz Dee started us on a liver cleanse. I am patiently waiting to crap my brains out. :-) I hope my liver appreciates what I am doing for it. :-)


No construction today. I am confined to the toilet due to the liver cleanse initiated by Miz Dee. I think she used equal quantities of used motor oil, lye, broken glass, napalm and Epsom Salts mixed with grapefruit juice as the ingredients. It required SEVERAL doses. I have now crapped everything that has ever been eaten by anything that ever lived since the Pleistocene Period. I think I flushed my liver, spleen, pancreas and most of my intestines down the toilet. I presume I will be cleansed when my lungs and heart pass on out. The mere act of reaching for the roll of toilet paper brings extreme anguish to my backside and pleas of mercy. (If Balaam can have a talking ass then so can I) Hence forth, my liver will just have to remain uncleansed and tough it out on its own.


The rotten cold that won't go away is kicking my butt. I think I feel worse this evening than I did last Monday. This really sucks. Re: the liver cleanse...I can now fart with moderate safety.

I need to go to town to get some hinges and hasps to finish the hay feeder, but still feel uncomfortable being more than 25 steps from the john and even that is cutting it close. On top of that, the cold I thought was going away has returned to infest the right side of my head. I am now leaking the remainder of my brain fluid from that side. It is all Miz Dee's fault. She made me work when I was sick instead of coddling me with TLC, chicken soup and insisting I stay in bed. :-(


I was in error regarding the farting with moderate safety.

Still sick as a dog with that cold or flu, but I couldn't stand laying around anymore today and roused Miz Dee from her computer about 9 pm to cut the top for the hay feeder and get it put on and hinged. That took about half an hour with her doing most of the work and she even put a coat of paint on the top. I figure 3 coats of porch and deck paint ought to do the trick. She wants to paint the pyramid inside to make the hay slide easier. The only way to do that is to tip it over on its side and crawl in through the top doors. She is small and can do it. I will sit comfortably, play gofer and drink chicken soup while I watch. :-) Miz Dee says she is very happy with the way the feeder turned out. If she is happy, then I am tickled plumb to death.


This has been one of those "hang-your-glasses-in-the-neck-of-your-T-shirt-then-bend-over-to-flush-the-toilet-and-have-to-fish-your-glasses-out-of-the-toilet-bowl" kind of weeks. Even the smoke alarm criticized my cooking. I have had better days. The smoke alarm has too. It got on my last nerve and may not recover. I did get to Centre to pick up lag bolts for the new hay feeder we are building and some washers as well as both of our carry permits so today wasn't a total loss. The bottom skids are now permanently attached. :-)

Miz Dee talked to the saddlebag about the feeder who complained that the hay did not slide down as she had thought it would and she had to push it down by hand. WE CANNOT ABIDE THIS!!!!! WE (me) MUST FIND AN ANSWER!!! Speed run to Lowes to find an answer, preferably a cheap one. I found a sheet of something that was hard enamel on one side and who knows what on the other and it was only $11! Race home, cut the stuff, screw it to the pyramid and tape the corner edges with some decorative black duct tape. Disaster averted. Tilting that thing over on its side and back up is a chore as is turning it on a concrete floor, which we had to do for each side of the pyramid. My back had me served with separation papers.

With the exception of a screen door hook and eye, the hay feeder is done. It is an engineering marvel and the epitome of cutting-edge technology. Pictures at 11. (paint has to dry some) :-) It would have been easier to get another wife than to clean the paint off Dee.

New Hay Feeder...Revision 1.


Ho hum...another shitty day in paradise...

I installed big D-rings on the sides of the truck to keep hay bales in the truck bed and off the road where I have to pick them up and restack them. It was done purely in self defense and has been more than 10 years in the execution. I jigsawed out the sideboard holes in the bed liner and got the rings on by 12:30. I may put board sides up about 2 feet so I can take the big doggies for a ride. I felt good, you know, like I had accomplished something. It was about that time Miz Dee announced that the lattice was not working on the new hay feeder we had just rebuilt. The horses couldn't get enough hay to make it worth their while and weren't bothering with it. Well, just damn, damn, damn and a half a damn....

Speed run into Fort Payne to get a 4'X16' goat mesh panel (quarter inch steel rods welded 4 inches apart to provide 4 inch openings). Back home by 3 pm and dragged the hay feeder back into the basement for revision 3. Tore the damn thing down to the skids (over 250 screws from inch and a quarter all the way to three and a half inches, cut the panel into 4 pieces that fit with bolt cutters and started from scratch re-rebuilding the (%$&#@) thing. The re-rebuild was complete by 8:30. Put the hay back in and dragged it back out to the pasture with the tractor by 9 pm. Called the horses up and they seem satisfied with this version. Man, am I tired and aching just about everywhere. I discovered that, if I am going to continue to build, rebuild and re-rebuild things for Miz Dee, I need an opposing thumb on my winkie to provide the necessary third hand so I can do it without help/supervision. I am not looking forward to trying to get out of bed tomorrow.


SHA-HA-HA-HIT! Fookin' pain and agony!

I fell asleep at the computer around 2 am and stumbled out at 6 am and fed the big doggies then crashed in the bed. I was up at 11:30 begging for heavy meds. I guess that 5 1/2 hours plus the 4 in the computer chair gives me enough to get by on. :-) I ain't doing diddly today. Things hurt that I only had as a teenager. Even my foreskin hurts and I have been circumcised. :-( The hydrogen jug will have to wait until Monday. I don't think I am going to want to tackle it Sunday afternoon. My recovery may not be that rapid. No stretching or bending here. Muscle movement at an absolute minimum, shallow breathing only. I am planning my shuffle into the livingroom with great care to avoid excess effort. :-)

THIS JUST IN!!! The feeder works perfectly. The third rebuild was a charm... The glazed material allows the hay to slide down as desired and the holes are big enough for them to pick at the hay instead of grab big mouthfuls and waste it on the ground. Actually, there is very little on the ground and they are so lazy they will eat what little they do drop before getting more. As soon as I get out of traction I will appreciate it more I think.

The Miraculous, Amazing, Ingenious Four-horse Hay Feeder...Revision 3.

Bill Fortner

Friday, November 20, 2009

Braying Asses

Regarding the merciless, liberal attacks on Sara Palin: "Let a liberal ass bray so its nature is
apparent and no one mistakes it for the thoroughbred."
---William Fortner 2009---

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Proposed Amendments to the US Constitution.

Proposed Amendment 28 to the US Constitution! (From the internet)

"Congress shall make no law that applies to any citizen of the United States that does not apply equally to all US Senators and Representatives, and Congress shall make no law that applies to any US Senator or Representative that does not apply equally to all citizens of the United States. All existing laws and regulations that do not meet this criteria shall be declared null and void."

I'll add number 29:

"Amendment 22 to the United States Constitution is hereby amended to include members of Congress by inserting the words, "No person may serve more than two full terms in the House and the Senate."

...and 30:

"All requests for increases in congressional pay, allowances and perquisites will be included on the ballot for national elections and approved by a majority vote of the people. Retirement pay will be calculated at 2.75% of highest pay times the number of years served. Those congressmen already retired are grandfathered. Those in office upon ratification of this amendment will be subject to this amendment."

These three amendments would return Constitutional government to America and end the rule of career politicians which has been so detrimental to this country.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Truth To Power

There is a significant difference between "speaking truth to power" and speaking a lie as truth and fantasy as reality. Of the latter two, one is still a lie, no matter how often repeated, and the other is wishful thinking at best and dishonest propaganda at worst.
---William Fortner 2009---

Friday, November 13, 2009


I wonder if the administration's "dithering" over higher troop levels in Afghanistan is because the administration fears the troops will be needed here to protect the administration if extremists like the American electorate, right to life adherents, Christians, veterans, climate change scoffers, and those opposed to government involvement in health care and industry attempt to take over the government by vote during the next election and put an end the administration's race to Socialism.
---William Fortner 2009---

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Atheism, An Observation

Atheism seems to me to be a bit schizophrenic. While recognizing no god but themselves, they demand the inalienable rights described by our founding fathers as being given by God. If they have given these rights to themselves apart from God, where is their moral framework to exercise these rights? If there is no moral framework, then the rights of an atheist are determined by the strongest and are not inalienable. In an atheist society, one must be king and the rest subjects.
---William Fortner 2009---

Monday, November 2, 2009

Casual Christianity

Is America a Christian nation? Perhaps. It used to be, but it seems that we have, for the most part, become "casual Christians", Christians who, on occasion find need for God and occasionally find a little time for God in our lives. "Casual Christianity" is not the key that unlocks the floodgates of God's infinite mercy, protection and benevolence. I think that explains our current national turmoil.
---William Fortner 2009---

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Right and Duty

If figures quoted by Homeland Security are correct and TSA has failed to find dangerous materials 60% to 90% of the time when tested by Red Teams then they are doing only slightly better for airline safety than the Energy department is doing for energy independence which is zero percent. Perhaps it would have been cheaper and more effective to issue pistols to all adult boarding passengers and reclaim them at the end of the flight allowing the passengers to provide for their own safety which is their right and duty.
---William Fortner 2009---

Monday, October 26, 2009

American Evolution

In nine short months, I have seen the mood in America evolve from mild annoyance with government, to incredulity, to distrust, to anger, to major acrimony. The government meddles while the electorate smolders lacking only the right spark to burst into full fledged screaming, hair-on-fire-rope-tree fury. Congress and the administration blindly dabble in Socialism and meddle in areas not constitutionally in their purview at their own peril I think. Will the fatal spark be cap and trade or health care or corruption?
---William Fortner 2009---

Saturday, October 24, 2009

War of Attrition

Do not be fooled. We are engaged in a war of attrition with the government. Every other day some new administration or congressional scheme is broadcast with the intent to cause a disturbance among and elicit a response from the people, the purpose of which is to wear us down and destroy our will to fight for our liberty and our way of life under the Constitution. Whether the Constitution and our freedom will triumph is entirely up to us. Let us not grow weary, but redouble our resolution to remain steadfast in defense of that which keeps us free and this nation great. Vote for the Constitution of the United States in 2010.
---William Fortner 2009---

Monday, October 19, 2009

One Term Agenda

This administration is not worried about being a "one term" administration. They think they can get their agenda done in one. Look how far it has come in less than a year.
---William Fortner 2009---

Monday, October 12, 2009


I have an endless "honey-do" list from which I select items to accomplish whenever the mood strikes me, however, the older I get, the less accurate I find mood has become.
---William Fortner 2009---

Sunday, October 11, 2009


We are rapidly approaching the tipping point where those who depend on the government for survival will be the majority. The number now is over 40%. At that point working for a living becomes unprofitable and the administration that promises the most, whether it delivers or not, will become a ruling oligarchy.
---William Fortner 2009---

Best Trained Dogs

I have the best trained dogs in the entire world. They can teach me to do anything they want, anytime they want, even though I am admittedly a slow learner.
---William Fortner 2009---

Dipstick of the Decade

I am nominating President Obama for the Dipstick of the Decade Award for his vapid military decisiveness, his unbelievable legislative acumen, his unparalled support of his extended family, his derogate negotiating skills, his tenuous dedication to his oath of office and the Constitution of the United States and, most of all, for his ethereal commitment to the people, legislative visibility, truth, justice and the American way. If the Norwegians can make the weighty determination to include him on the list for the Nobel Peace Prize after 8 days in office, I feel completely confident nominating him for this prestigious award after a full 10 months observation of his on-the-job-training.
---William Fortner 2009---

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Far too many Americans have their heads in the sand when it comes to the direction this nation is being dragged kicking and screaming by the administration. A word of warning to those people. When your head is in the sand, your butt is exposed to whoever or whatever individual, group or nation decides to do to it.
---William Fortner 2009---

Friday, October 9, 2009

Nobel Peace Prize

The selection for 2009 was not surprising. Neither peace nor accomplishments toward the same have been standards for selection for some time. Those most worthy of the award are rarely chosen. The Nobel Peace Prize has become the Nobel Political Prize.
---William Fortner 2009---

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Waking Up

I worry about people who wake up early all wide awake and bouncy. Waking up should be done carefully over an undisturbed period of about an hour and finished off with a cup of coffee during 30 additional minutes of reconnecting the synapses of the brain. Failure to wake up properly usually results in putting on underwear backwards and confusion attempting to put both legs into one half of a pair of pants.
---William Fortner 2009---

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Clear and Present Danger

Only Stalin in his heyday, could have amassed so great a legion of liars, misfits, perverts, frauds, thieves, thugs and Marxists as Obama has installed in his shadow government and imbued with great power out of reach of congressional control. This man is clearly unsuited for the presidency and almost certainly despises, to his very core, everything America stands for. His continued occupancy of the White House is a travesty as well as a demonstrably clear and present danger to the Constitution and the freedom of the people.
---William Fortner 2009---

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Government At War

The government declared a war on poverty that they lost and a war on drugs that they lost.
Now the government has declared war on America, a war Americans cannot afford to lose.
---William Fortner 2009---

Youth Movement

I see that an elementary school in New Jersey was the venue for revealing the Obama Youth
Movement. I once read about a similar historic youth program that began in Germany in 1922.
---William Fortner 2009---

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Liberal Schizophrenia 2

Liberals were horrified that George Bush interfered with the government of a cruel, despotic nation even though it had definitive ties to terrorism and, in fact, had killed many of its citizens with chemical weapons. Liberals are not horrified, or even mildly concerned, that Barack Obama is interfering, by siding with Marxist governments in demanding the reinstatement of a constitutionally deposed wannabe tyrant, with the affairs of a democratic nation which is following their own constitution to the letter. This country could learn much from the Hondurans.
---William Fortner 2009---

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

House Un-American Activities Committee

The responsibilities of the House Un-American Activities Committee were investigating suspected threats of subversion or propaganda that attacked "the form of government guaranteed by our Constitution." Ultimately, those responsibilities were transferred to the House Judiciary Committee. I think that committee is shirking and willfully avoiding those responsibilities. What can be more Un-American than this administration's wholesale usurpation of powers not granted by the Constitution, the subversion of the freedoms and free enterprise system this country is founded upon and the establishment of a socialistic system, the prelude to communism, being thrust upon the people against their will?
---William Fortner 2009---

Friday, September 11, 2009

Truth is Profitable

Ron Miller got $350,000 after Rep. Joe Wilson stood up and called Obama a liar to his face at the joint session of Congress. That is almost enough to retire Miller's campaign debt running against Wilson. Joe Wilson got $750,000 so far. It looks like the truth is profitable.
---William Fortner 2009---

Monday, September 7, 2009


It seems to me that state lotteries as well as taxes on liquor and cigarettes are effective government devices to recoup welfare payments.
---William Fortner 2009---

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Slavery In America

Slavery is still being practiced in America today. The difference between the 1700s and now is that the slaves demand to be on the plantation and will actually scheme to get there. They are quite content to produce nothing of national value other than more slaves and a block vote for their slavemasters.
---William Fortner 2009---

Slavery Reparations

When I hear the cry for slavery reparations, I think of free school breakfasts and lunches, of welfare, of aid for dependent children, of Title 8 housing, of food stamps and a host of similar government programs paid for by taxpayers. In my estimation, Americans have already paid more than enough for the sins of African slavers who sold their fellow countrymen into bondage to Europeans.
---William Fortner 2009---

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Perfection Not Required

Politicians have never understood that we don't expect them to be perfect, but we do expect them to be truthful, honest, loyal to America, responsive to the people, to serve with honor and humility and to adhere to the spirit and intent of the Constitution. A ten year-old Boy Scout can do that. Why do so many elected officials find it impossible?
---William Fortner 2009---

Friday, August 21, 2009

New Flu Vaccines

As long as proscecutory immunity is a demand by the drug companies to make it, I think it is dumber than dirt to take it.
---William Fortner 2009---

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

POL (Proof of Life) Report

I passed Monday night with only moderate childish whining and take some solace in knowing I am likely the only person to have survived shooting himself off a ladder and self induced electrocution in the same day.

I am busy inventorying my muscles and categorizing them by the degree of pain. Do you know I have already discovered 27 levels of excruciating agony, 9 levels of incredible anguish, 13 levels of throbbing misery and 6 levels of deep distress? That must be a Guiness record as well.

Tuesday, people walking within 10 feet of me at Wal-Mart began to experience sympathetic aches and pains.
---William Fortner 2009---

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Normal Day

I haven't had much of an appetite today and just picked at supper. I did manage to work out all my soreness from the fencing job when the nail gun recoil knocked me ass over teakettle off the ladder while putting the last nail in my project. It's a good thing the nail gun has a double safety or it would have shot Herc right square in the butt with a 3 1/2" nail when it hit the ground. Then I would have a big vet bill and a really pissed off 200 pound mastiff looking for an explanation. I don't think anything I could have said would have been satisfactory. During the fall, the astonishing blur of contortions my gifted body automatically performed flawlessly to prevent catastrophic injury to itself was a sight to behold and removed any remaining soreness I had. I now have some new soreness. (Note to self: Don't put nail in anything with a pneumatic nail gun if it requires leaning the ladder more than 30 degrees.)

My new project was making a sturdy hard mount for the come-a-long to lift the mower so I could work under the deck. The hard mount and come-a-long works great. It is remarkable how easy formerly tough jobs can be when you can actually get to them with power tools. I replaced the lower spindle caps that were broken on the mower and discovered a nearly destroyed bearing. Not to be discouraged, I put the blades on and mowed a short time in the drizzle to check fit and function of the blades with the new caps. Apparently, very thick, 8 inch high grass was a good test. The blades did their job, but the mower deck belt self destructed. I bought a new bearing and a new belt and tomorrow is another day. :-)

The evening was spent moving a shelf in the basement and transferring overflow from the can racks to it. I had to install a light fixture in that area so Miz Dee could see what she was doing. Putting the fixture up and running the wire was a breeze. Connecting it to the last fixture in the line was a little problematic since the switch in the circuit is a single pole, single throw switch instead of a double pole, single throw. That meant that, even with the switch off, half the circuit was still hot. I must say that came as a quite a shock to me and damned near knocked my dingus in the dirt. I got the wires connected, but I was veeeeeeery careful doing it after that. When I finished and flipped the switch a glorious, golden glow surrounded Miz Dee and I was happy and, except for the numb arm and smoking hair, I was unharmed.

Getting a few scratches, cuts and abrasions during the course of a work day is normal for me, however, I wasn't quite prepared for the results I experienced when I filled my palm with Sea Breeze, a powerful astringent I use for an aftershave, rubbed my hands together and slapped it on my face. The normal razor scrapes over reacted and erupted in flames and my hands exploded in searing pain. Apparently, there were a few more and worse than normal scratches, cuts and abrasions than I thought on my hands as well as my face. I immediately performed a virtuoso Rain Dance with whoops and screeches of which any Hopi would have been proud. So good was my performance that I caused heavy rains and flooding in three counties. I regret that, but I am sure I benefited from the exercise.

As I was heading for the computer to do mail, I thought a cup of hot coffee would be great, but I just didn't think I could stand an accidental spill in my lap and settled for iced water instead.

---Bill Fortner 2009---

Monday, August 10, 2009

Honest Job

Inside the beltway has become a bastion of greed, self interest and hunger for total control and power over the individual. If politicians could find and hold an honest job, they wouldn't be politicians.
---William Fortner 2009---

Walks and Talks

I have always been told that money talks and bullshit walks, however, in DC bullshit walks, talks and collects money.
---William Fortner 2009---

Monday, August 3, 2009

Fiscal Point of View

Strictly from a fiscal point of view, it would be cheaper to provide the 47 million "without health care" a special account with 47 million dollars for health care, replenished as necessary. That is 47 million dollars as opposed to a trillion dollars plus and the socialistic system that will destroy health care for the other 253 million Americans...but this matter isn't about health care now is it? It is about control.
---William Fortner 2009---

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Public Referendum

It seems to me that the only way to control government is by public referendum. It is a shame our founding fathers, being honest men, did not foresee a time when government would get this out of control, unresponsive to the people and corrupt. Perhaps an amendment to the Constitution is necessary to stop governmental abuse of power, the people and the public purse. How nice it must be to decide your own perqs and payscale as a public servant as well as the level of penury the public must endure.
---William Fortner 2009---

Monday, July 27, 2009

Our Days Are Numbered

America's days are numbered. Our enemies are apathy and ignorance and we have embraced them.
---William Fortner 2009---

Islam's Ally

Abortion is the ally of Islam. No country in western Europe has enough population growth to
sustain its society. They are all below the recovery rate, dooming European culture and society
to extinction. The US barely makes the maintenance rate, but has to include all Hispanics to do
so. Islam enjoys a birth rate almost four times that needed to sustain its society. All they have to do is wait and procreate to dominate the world.
---William Fortner 2009---

Health Care

Healthcare reform moving toward euthanasia
Rationing of health services advocated by Emanuel

This headline disturbs me because it is not just "moving", health care is being prodded forcefully into an assault on human life. Already more than half of congress is brain dead, the other part's backbone is softening and the people can't seem to stop the government's intent to eliminate the Social Security and Medicare funding problems by legalizing murder.
---William Fortner 2009---

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


If it comes to pass, Americans must insist that Congress and the Administration be subject to and comply, in the strictest sense, with every detail of ObamaCare to eliminate the need for term limits.
---William Fortner 2009---

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Captain Kirk and Obama both demand the same thing, "More Power, Scotty". Kirk used it to escape danger. Obama wants Warp 8 to speed America into socialsim before the electorate catches on.
---William Fortner 2009---

Friday, July 17, 2009


Sotomayer had 4 out of 6 of her Appellate Court decisions reversed by the Supreme Court. One reversal is grounds to look elsewhere. I think America deserves a wiser Latina with a life experience of sustained decisions.
---William Fortner 2009---

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Qualities I Want In A President.

The first thing is courage; face head on the inbred Congress and veto any bill that is not Constitutional and to work to reverse laws that are not. Insist on a declaration of constitutionality defining the particular article for every bill submitted. Veto any bill with riders unrelated to the bill. Make Congress abide by its oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

The second is justice; insist on seeing that those in congress guilty of intentionally trampling the constitution, lying, stealing or committing acts of malfeasance and misfeasance in office are swiftly brought to justice. This includes ANY public servant. For too long have the guilty laughed at the people because they happen to be the majority.

The third is steadfast fierceness and determination in war and the preparation for war; be willing to do what is necessary to defend this country and our allies. Our country is being weakened by defense cuts and a second best defense is not acceptable to the American people. Reducing the production of a fighter proven to be far superior to any and buying a cheaper, less capable aircraft is not in America's best interest, nor is gutting missile defense systems. All military programs are not toys for the generals and admirals. We face a potential enemy that can muster a standing army larger than our entire population. We survive now on technology and the fear of our technology, not manpower.

The fourth is loyalty; be loyal to the people and to our allies and friends. Above all, loyal to our fighting men and women who risk their lives daily to ensure our freedom.

The fifth is honesty; call a terrorist a terrorist and dispense with politically correct pussy-footing around serious religious issues that threaten this country. Say what you mean and mean what you say. If you are wrong, say so. We are not perfect either and Congress hasn't a leg to stand on.

The sixth is diplomacy; act on what a country does and not what it says and treat them accordingly, no exceptions Now, we spit in the faces of our friends and kiss the feet of our enemies.

The seventh is character; maintain a moral integrity that is above reproach and unshakable. Too many in congress are morally bankrupt and many more are becoming overdrawn. Answer challenges to your integrity swiftly and decisively.

The eighth is transparency in actions; keep the people informed. Get into the face of the media when they misrepresent, invent or out right lie to the public. Let nothing slide. A free press is guaranteed by the Bill of Rights, but, along with that, comes a responsibility to be accurate and unbiased, especially the broadcast media that uses public airwaves. They must be held accountable. Newspapers lie and die on their own.

The ninth is a willingness to exploit America's vast natural resources; tap the Bakken and other potential energy reserves in the near term. Support realistic and safer energy alternatives like water to hydrogen conversion on the fly instead of a massive infrastructure to dispense hydrogen just so it can be metered and taxed making every automobile a rolling bomb needlessly. Solar and wind cannot meet more than a tiny fraction of America's energy need. Demand alternatives compete on their own without government subsidies. Nuclear power is a proven alternative.

The tenth is selectivity; select only those qualified morally and by experience for positions in the administration. Being a tax cheat, a convicted criminal, a person of scandalous reputation or a Marxist disqualifies anyone for a high position in government.

The eleventh is to reduce government: eliminate useless government bureaucracies. How many gallons of oil has the Energy Department produced since its inception? How far has the education level in this country dropped since the Department of Education was created? How well has the Housing Department done? Has the Welfare Department lifted people from poverty or has it kept them there? There are many more such instances of government meddling and ensuing disaster.

The eleventh is term limits; push for an amendment to the Twenty-second Amendment to the Constitution to include both the House and Senate as well as the President. Too much power has been accumulated by many and they have misused it, actually, misuse is rampant. Two terms in the House and two terms in the Senate will eliminate this. Congressional pay and benefits should be decided by the people as part of the national elections, not by those that benefit from it.

The twelfth is to communicate; use your bully pulpit to enlighten the electorate. An enlightened electorate will deal with pernicious congressional problems over time. Face time is important and don't permit any talking head to explain what you say.

The thirteenth is patriotism; love this country like no other and support its founding tenets of personal freedom, personal responsibility and free enterprise unfettered by over regulation. Never apologize for America. Had it not been for America, the world would be an uglier place. We use more because we produce more.

The fourteenth is demand accountability; demand that all government agencies account for tax dollars. Right now, some cannot account for 20% or more of what they were allotted year by year. Insist on a balanced budget without destroying the Department of Defense. The question of guns or butter is moot. Without guns there will be no butter and the worst case scenario is government by a foreign entity not of our choosing.

The fifteenth is to fight globalism; globalism is just another form of fascism, only on a grander scale. We are Americans, we like being Americans and the thought of being a cog in some master wheel governed by some nebulous bureaucracy even more remote than our present government is repulsive. Invite the UN to move to another country and break association with it. That once proud organization has become a den of thieves and a powerless drain on this country. Its only actions seem to be denouncing Israel and issuing useless resolutions and warnings that are universally ignored by terrorist states.

---William Fortner 2009---

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Supreme Court Justice

A Supreme Court Justice needs but three things to serve the people of the United States. Those are a thorough knowledge of the United States Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Federalist Papers to understand the intent of the founders and the rights of the people. Life experience or personal bias has no place in a Supreme Court decision and, when it does, it renders injustice instead of justice.
---William Fortner 2009---

Meddling Government

The only things the government has proven capable of doing with any adroitness and expertise is the cunning with which it enlarges itself, robs the taxpayer and meddles in the affairs of the people.
---William Fortner 2009---

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Working Stimulus

Mr. Obama says his stimulus is working. In what country would it be working? It is certainly not this one.
---William Fortner 2009

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Watch Your Six

Veterans, Christians, anti abortionists, NRA members and other law abiding citizens are considered possible terrorists by this administration. To the Republican members of congress I say, "Watch your six." You could be next.
---William Fortner 2009---

Still Stuck In My Craw

July 9, 2009

Dear Senator XXXXXX,

Regarding your March 18th response to my letter to you, I have thought long and hard about this matter and I am grieved that a man of your stature and character could believe the contents of your letter.

The scanned image of a birth certificate offered up by Mr. Obama is not the official long form birth certificate from the State of Hawaii. I know. My daughter was born in Hawaii in 1961 and I know what they look like. What was offered was a form issued by the State of Hawaii to register a birth from anywhere during a several year period that covered the time of Mr. Obama’s birth and does not verify US birth. That, I believe is what Ms. Fukimo verified and rightly so. It is a valid document; however, that form is not a Certificate of Live Birth and is not good enough to get a US passport or even a driver’s license in the State of Hawaii I am told. This is troublesome to me. As far as I can see, Mr. Obama has yet to meet the requirements of the United States Constitution.

I am told that there is no requirement for anyone to produce a valid birth certificate to anyone to prove eligibility. I think that is in error. The very statement in the Constitution IS the requirement to prove, with certainty, the eligibility for office. Mr. Obama has not done this. Even being chosen by the Electoral College does not relieve him of the requirement to prove his citizenship or grant legitimacy to his selection.

If Mr. Obama has no requirement to present proof to electors or to party heads then he is, I believe, still subject to the people under articles 9 and 10 of the Bill of rights which state:

Amendment IX
The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

Amendment X
The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

Senator XXXXX, I am one of the people and I have a right to know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that the person leading this country is constitutionally qualified to do so. So far, that proof has not been forthcoming. To even infer that the people of this country do not have the right to know with certainty the national status of ANY office holder is ludicrous and a slap in the face to those who wrote the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. For a presidential candidate to refuse to provide conclusive proof and not be formally called on it is incredulous.

I think a serious mistake has been made and I think Congress does not have the intestinal fortitude to correct it. That shakes my faith in the present Congress. I am aware of the grave national and international ramifications of removing a sitting President, particularly this one, but I think this administration is built on a lie and that should not be so. The fact that Mr. Obama refuses to produce a valid birth certificate further taints his qualification in the eyes of the people. Is it so difficult to produce the required document? Since it apparently is I am left to wonder what it might reveal. I should not have to wonder. I think it is your job to make sure that I don’t have to.

In closing, Senator, I ask that you take whatever action is necessary to establish Mr. Obama’s true qualifications for office. If I am wrong in my reasoning, please show me where. I am not asking this because of any racial or political agenda or bias. I am asking it because it is just and it is the right of the people to know. I am neither a revolutionary nor a rabble rouser. I am just one of the people, one of your people, who believe this country rises or falls on its respect for the rule of law.


William Fortner

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Secret Service

When Obama gives up his Secret Service protection to show his commitment to peace then I will believe he is sincere and not just trying to strip America of its defense against those who want US dead.
---William Fortner 2009---

Bay of Fundy

Climate change, or whatever they are calling it now, will NOT destroy the world, but Al Gore and Cap and Trade will destroy America. When Al Gore can control the tide and chains himself to a chair at the low water mark in the Bay of Fundy for 6 hours to prove it, then I will think he can control the weather.
---William Fortner 2009---

Monday, July 6, 2009

Shovel Ready

The reason the administration's much touted "shovel ready" jobs have not turned up yet is because "Obama Care" is not in effect.
---William Fortner 2009---

Saturday, July 4, 2009


The great need for speed by Obama to bring America to its knees legislatively, economically and spiritually is the fear that too many of his cult members may realize the Kool-Aid is poisoned.
---William Fortner 2009---

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Steamroller Politics

At least twice now congress has passed far reaching bills with potentially disastrous consequences WITHOUT READING THEM! Perhaps they need to work five days a week instead of three and put in overtime if needed or learn to read. We don't need a bunch if slackers or illiterates running the country. Passing legislation without review and reflection is malfeasance in office.
---William Fortner 2009---

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Stockholm Syndrome

You're familiar with the Stockholm Syndrome, as evidenced by at least Patty Hearst. I'm also reminded that an abused child will adamantly defend the parent who abuses him. 'Ken Calman'
Maybe that is what is wrong with the liberals. They just can't come to grips with the fact that their beloved big daddy is abusing them.
---William Fortner 2009---

Monday, June 22, 2009


We really do need a Superman here and now to fight for truth, justice and the American way.
---William Fortner 2009---

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Unrest In Iran

The unrest in Iran is due, in a very large part, to the new freedoms seen just across the border and that is a direct result of removing Saddam Hussein from his reign of terror and permitting the Iraqi's the opportunity to elect their own government without the control of religious fanatics. I guess you can blame that on George Bush.
---William Fortner 2009---

Health Care For The Elderly

After reading about and listening to commentary on the administration's new "health" plan as it affects the aged and "boomers" I can assure you that it will be heartily supported by the owners of mortuaries and cemeteries.
---William Fortner 2009---

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Spread The Wealth

I remember flowery campaign speeches where Obama declared he was for the little guy and was going to spread around the wealth from the fat cats. So far, the little guy gets $250 while industrial giants and several banks get 3 trillion dollars from the little guys. I guess major corporations are poorer than I thought.
---William Fortner 2009---

Good Leaders

Good leaders do so by example. I'll consider a shoe box car the instant I see Obama parading around in the Presidential Prius.
---William Fortner 2009---

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Slavish Subjects

If we meekly permit a rogue president to nationalize our industry and banking and sit cowed by a lawless congress while our Constitution and economy is ravaged, then perhaps we no longer share the lust for liberty, the thirst for freedom and the courage vital to keep government in its rightful, subservient place as did our forebears. If this be so, then perhaps we have lost the right to call ourselves Americans. Gutless, slavish subjects would be more fitting for we have become.
---William Fortner 2009---

Wake Up People!

Once the government controls the media, you will be flying blind in a Marxist storm.
---William Fortner 2009---

Official NEWS? Outlet

ABC is apparently the official White House News and Propaganda outlet. I wonder how long it will be until NBC, CBS and CNN suddenly go bankrupt or merge with ABC and FOX is sued into oblivion?
---William Fortner 2009---

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


So far, the only thing that has been stimulated by Obama is Chris Matthews' leg.
---William Fortner 2009---


I am not sure joblessness is going to fall anytime soon unless Obama is able to fool the public into taking the final step into socialism. At that point there will be no joblessness. We will all work for the government full time instead of just 5 plus months a year.
---William Fortner 2009---

Robbing From The rich

The government robs from the rich, the middle class and the poor alike and returns just enough to keep itself in power. Most of the rest is spent on self-aggrandizement, nest feathering and the accruement of more power. Its interest is not on governing, but in controlling.
---William Fortner 2009---

Monday, June 8, 2009

Shadow of a Doubt

I have yet to meet a liberal who was wrong about anything and didn't know, beyond the slightest shadow of a doubt, how to live MY life and spend MY money best.
---William Fortner 2009---

Courtesy of the US Taxpayer

If a congressman wants His name on something he should pay for it out of HIS own pocket. Otherwise, the plaque should read "Courtesy of the US Taxpayer".---William Fortner 2009---


Neither Congress nor the Administration have shown any inclination to honor the Constitution of the United States and the courts now tend to prefer feelings to facts to interpret a very straight forward document, the foundation upon which was built the greatest nation in the world. This being the case, the Republic handed us by our forebears no longer exists. If the Republic no longer exists, are the states and the people obliged to answer to the ogliarchy which replaced it?
---William Fortner 2009---


Obama gives a city in a country he does not govern to a nation of terrorists. What an incredibly arrogant man he is and an embarrassment to our nation. This man's ego needs to be recalibrated in a suitable facility for those suffering from megalomania.
---William Fortner 2009---

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Industrial Giant

The industrial giant that was America has been ruthlessly turned into a dependent cottage industry by politicians more interested in power and position than the good of the country until America is on the verge of being unable to defend itself.
---William Fortner 2009---

Nevada Fenced

If all the crooked politicians and officials in office today were indicted and had to face a jury Nevada would have to be fenced as a prison.
---William Fortner 2009---

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Automobile Business

So the government is in the automobile business. Would you really buy a car from this administration? It would be an unresponsive, bloated bus that changes direction without warning, runs over your friends and be fueled by hot air and BS...which would be carefully metered and taxed.
---William Fortner 2009---

No Tax, No Grant

Grassroots technology has made incredible progress fueling cars with water and converting it on the fly to hydrogen. Yet, there are no grants to improve this existing technology. There are great subsidies for ethanol and safe vehicular hydrogen storage and dispensing stations. I guess if the government can't meter it and tax it, it is not worthy of advanced study.
---William Fortner 2009---

Friday, May 29, 2009


If this is true, it is time for American troops to come home. If the Muslims don't appreciate the blood and treasure this country has expended saving their sorry hides from cutthroats enough to let our troops worship as they see fit and have Bibles, then they can take it from here. I see no reason why Americans should kiss the ass of Islam or die for it.
---William Fortner 2009---

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


The Constitution of the United States of America is only precious to the hearts that love it and only as strong as the will of its people to defend it.
---William Fortner 2009---

Monday, May 25, 2009

Butchers With Dull Knives

The Taliban, al Qaeda and all their ilk are not men, but butchers with dull knives.
---William Fortner 2009---

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Statesmen and Politicians

It is futile to question a liberal statist's patriotism because there is none. A patriot loves his country; a statist loves government. This is the difference between a statesman and a politician.
---William Fortner 2009---

Too Big To Read

If a bill is too big to be read and digested in its entirety by all congressmen before it is voted on is too big and likely encroaches on freedom. It should be simplified or trashed. Those who vote for a bill without reading and thoroughly understanding it are guilty of malfeasance in office.
---William Fortner 2009---

Friday, May 22, 2009

Render Unto Caesar

The Bible says to "render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's and unto God that which is God's." God asks for ten percent. Apparently, the administration thinks God is getting too big of a cut as they seemingly want it all.
---William Fortner 2009---

Inflexible Enemy

By what reasoning has the administration chosen to dialog with an inflexible enemy that has essentially imposed its will on Europe and whose seeds are already heavily planted in America? This enemy considers it a sacred duty to kill all those opposing its draconian rule and law. They are not placated with flowery speeches of rainbows and butterflies which they consider weakness, but with superior force of arms which they well understand. Cuts in defense and R&D spending now is at best ill advised and at worst treason. America cannot afford to have the second best defense ever and we can no longer rely on former European allies for help.
---William Fortner 2009---

Thursday, May 21, 2009

LA Freeway

So the House rejected a bipartisan probe into Pelosi's claims against the CIA. Surprised? I am not. The culture of corruption the Democrats speak of is them. They are as nervous about their lies being exposed as is a three-legged cat covering up its mess on an LA freeway.
---William Fortner 2009---

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Best Policy

In current politics, honesty is apparently not the best policy...hell, it is non-existent!
---William Fortner 2009---

Final Arbiter

If the Supreme Court of the United States is the final arbiter of constitutionality, why are they not reviewing every legislative bill put before the president to ensure it meets constitutional standards? Why is it they only get involved after the fact and then get to choose what they will review? I think the SCOTUS is the most underutilized branch of government.
---William Fortner 2009---

Questionable Nobody

At the turn of the 20th Century, immigrant parents used to exhort their American born children by telling them that "anybody" could grow up to be President. I never thought I would see the day when a questionable nobody would fill that position.
---William Fortner 2009---

American Political Apparatus

After due study and consideration of the American political apparatus and its vulnerability to unscrupulous solons with lifetime tenure it seems to me the that there are two things that would turn the current situation around and ensure less malfeasance and misfeasance as well as treason in office. Those two things would be to repeal the 17th amendment and include all senators and representatives under the 22nd.
---William Fortner 2009---

Monday, May 18, 2009

Governors Mere Department Heads?

If the governors of the now sovereign states comprising this country do not unite to curb the excesses of this administration and end the violence being done to the Constitution of the United States they face the very real prospect of being relegated to mere department heads under a single directorate of the federal government. They will become subject to the arbitrary hiring and firing whims of the president and not elected representatives of the people of their respective states. Sleep at your peril, governors, you are not immune to the voracious appetite of the Statists. Your sovereign power and the freedom of your people hangs in the balance.
---William Fortner 2009---

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Banker/Car Tsar

Americans do not need a socialist nanny cum banker and car tsar as they have now. They need freedom and a steel backbone to demand constitutional government be fully restored.
---William Fortner 2009---

National Downfall

Instead of enabling its citizens to be independent, the statist government now in power steals from the industrious and pays the ignorant to remain a subservient and bought power base for the statist. While clever, it is grossly unconstitutional and will be our national downfall.
---William Fortner 2009---

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Gun Control for Criminals

Congress, the media and administration loudy proclaim the vast majority of Americans want gun control. I presume that is why dealer's shelves have been swept clean of arms and ammunition by the citizenry in light of the threat of gun control. Americans only want gun control for criminals.
---William Fortner 2009---

Monday, May 4, 2009

Smaller Tent

The big tent concept in governance is a detriment. We need a smaller tent comprised of tax payers who are the only ones who should be franchised to vote. Those who pay no taxes should not be allowed to pick the pockets of those who do. That change alone would end pandering and pro illegal immigration legislation instantly.
---William Fortner 2009---


Tolerant left is an oxymoron. The two words should be separated by at least two sentences to avoid confusion.
---William Fortner 2009---

Sunday, May 3, 2009

20 Percent

I am told only about 20 percent of the colonists banded together and defeated King George to win America's freedom. Perhaps 49 percent can win it back.
---William Fortner 2009---

Rail Against Greed

Congress is quick to point out and rail against greed everywhere...except among themselves where greed flourishes unabated and at record levels.
---William Fortner 2009---

44 Cents

I was going to write congress and tell them what I thought of them, but I think 44 cents each is a bit too much to spend on sentiment during this perilous democrat sponsored economic disaster. Instead, I have elected to face the northeast, raise my right arm and extend my middle finger for one minute each day as a gesture of my affection.
---William Fortner 2009---

Friday, May 1, 2009

The Right People

No liberal ever learns from history because they think it doesn't apply to them. They believe socialism/communism hasn't worked because the "right" people haven't been in charge and every ivy league graduate class always thinks "they" are the right people.
---William Fortner 2009---

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rob Your Neighbor

In the 2008 elections, fourty-eight percent of the electorate voted against tyranny. Fifty-two percent voted to rob their neighbor and give carte blanche to America's first emperor.
---William Fortner 2009---

Not Even Entertainment

The so called mainstream media "NEWS" has not been 'news' for some time and no longer qualifies as entertainment since it has become so predictable and intellectually insulting.
---William Fortner 2009---

No Profit in Productivity

There is no longer any profit in being productive. The non-productive are now in the majority and have absolute control of the fruits of the productive...which they promptly vote into their pockets and the pockets of their supporters.
---William Fortner 2009---

We Have Killed Ourselves

Non recoverable birth rates make it crystal clear why abortion on demand and the destruction of the family unit were bad ideas. It is a plot from the pit of hell to put Satan on the throne and the world bought into it for simple convenience...all except Islam. We were and are fools. The new world order is not us, it is them. We have killed ourselves.
---William Fortner 2009---

Monday, April 27, 2009

Obama The Unprepared

I wonder if the pride of Obama the Unprepared stings just a little when his white controller pulls the strings that operate him. So far, his On the Job Training has cost us an economy and perhaps an entire country.
---William Fortner 2009---

Friday, April 24, 2009

Move To Those Countries

If the Amnesty Congresspersons want to represent Mexicans, Guatemalans, Peruvians, Nicaraguans, etc, perhaps they should move to those countries and do so. America would be better off for it. Americans elect representation for Americans not lawless aliens.
---William Fortner 2009---

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Trampled Rights

If the administration feels it has grounds to fear a national revolt, perhaps the administration should listen to the electorate and act accordingly instead of trashing their beliefs, questioning their integrity and trampling their rights.
---William Fortner 2009---

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lost Freedom

Once freedom is lost, only blood will buy it back.
---William Fortner 2009---

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Power Rests With The People

A footnote attached to the report by the Homeland Security Office of Intelligence and Analysis defines "rightwing extremism in the United States" as including not just racist or hate groups, but also groups that reject federal authority in favor of state or local authority.
"It may include groups and individuals that are dedicated to a single-issue, such as opposition to abortion or immigration," the warning says.

Our federal government has forgotten who wields the power in America. The people have the power. Some of that power is delegated to the states. Federal power is granted by the people and the states to the federal government. The Constitution is not a document granting unlimited power to the federal government, but a document that severely limits its power. The federal government has far exceeded that which has been granted by the Constitution, the states, the people and the wildest imaginations of our founding fathers.
---William Fortner 2009---

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Right-Wing Terrorist

Right-Wing Terrorist: Anyone not so far left that they are desperately clinging to the edge of the world to keep from falling off.
---William Fortner 2009---

Friday, April 10, 2009

Alien Concepts

Liberals suffer from a lack of patriotism, self reliance and discipline not provided them as children. Because of their arrested development, they are slaves to their basest instincts and recognize little else than self and their immediate urges. Their perverted sense of responsibility does not recognize the rights and freedoms of others, which are alien concepts, or long term consequences of their actions.
---William Fortner 2009---

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


If actions speak louder than words then Obama's actions during the G-20 shriek "Idiot", bellow "Bumbler" and shout "Stupid."
---William fortner 2009---

Whose Words?

Barack Hussein Obama...he really is "just words" isn't he...but whose words?
---William Fortner 2009---

Five Hundred

Obama took 500 people to the G-20 conference to cover his butt and keep him from making stupid mistakes. In retrospect, 500 were inadequate for the task.
---William Fortner 2009---

A Wise Man

A wise man knows his limitations and surrounds himself with wise counsel. Obama has wrapped himself in a mantle of his own press releases and surrounded himself with liars, cheats, misfits, incompetents and corruption.
---William Fortner 2009---

Incompetence Is Not Treason

Destroying America by incompetence is not treason. It is misfeasance or nonfeasance in office. It is treason only if done on purpose. Unfortunately, the result is the same.
---William Fortner 2009---

Power to Lies

Do the Democrats and the media speak truth to power or speak power to lies? It appears the latter.
---William Fortner 2009---

How To Win elections

How to win elections: Eliminate taxes for 40% of the electorate to keep them on the plantation and fool 11% incapable or too lazy to think for themselves.
---William Fortner 2009---

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Denigration of America

Along with a potentate's entourage of 500, Obama must have carried 500 pounds of Chapstick(TM) to protect his lips considering the vast number of behinds he kissed during his European denigration of America.
---William Fortner 2009---

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Armed Citizenry

Laws will never take guns out of the hands of criminals. The lawless will always have guns until an armed citizenry makes it too dangerous for them to commit crimes with weapons.
---William Fortner 2009---

Friday, March 27, 2009

Against Inequities

Obama is strongly against inequities. I think it is a good idea. Let's see, Obama has been president for almost 90 days. There are 300 million Americans who have never been president. It's time for him to give up the office so others can share the wealth.
---William Fortner 2009---

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Total Domination

This administration and Congress do not seek to govern. They seek to dominate.
---William Fortner 2009---

Monday, March 23, 2009

Upwind of DC

I am so fortunate to be upwind of Washington, DC. The stench from this amoral administration reeks to high Heaven of dishonesty, lies, greed, avarice, malfeasance, incompetence and socialism, none of which are characteristics of statesmen, patriots or Americans.
---William Fortner 2009---

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Government Fear

Honest and fair government has the respect of the electorate and no fear of insurrection so freedom abounds. A dishonest government is mistrusted, fears it's citizens and severely limits their freedom to protect its power.
--- William Fortner 2009 ---

Global Warming Cultists

Global warming cultists carefully avoid exposure to fact as facts in this matter are a serious impediment to research grants and high dollar speaking engagements.
--- William Fortner 2008 ---

Multicultural Society

Europe's snobbish belief in their "enlightened" multicultural society has allowed their foundations to rot. All that is necessary now is an Islamic nudge to topple them.
--- William Fortner 2008 ---

Don't Mess With The Old Folks

Don't mess with old farts... age and treachery will always triumph over youth and skill! Bullshit and brilliance come only with age and experience.
--- William Fortner 2009 ---

Coddling Pirates

When did the most powerful combatants afloat change from Men of War to police barges and why "take" pirates to court. The court is already there. The word of three eye witness naval officers plus the satellite, video and audio coverage is ample proof of guilt. Nothing need be argued. It is only left for justice to be meted out. Destroy the pirate vessel and let the pirates swim home.
---William Fortner 2009---

Fort Sumter

The last time this country had a problem with the federal government, the government lost
Ft. Sumter. They might lose it again. This time there is no "industrial North" to win it back.
---William Fortner 2009---

Media Executioner

The media thinks Obama is indebted to them because of their slavish support of his campaign and presidency, but he is their executioner. He needs total information control and that means state owned. He welcomes the demise of the so called "free press" and MSM and won't lift a finger to save it. Sorry ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN, without credibility, you lose.
---William Fortner 2009---

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Really Crooked Politicians

Really crooked politicians may no longer need to be bought. For some, the mere mention of something dishonest is irresistable.
---William Fortner 2009---

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Honey Bees

4. Honey Bees
Perhaps nothing on our list of disappearing America is so dire; plummeting so enormously; and so necessary to the survival of our food supply as the honey bee. Very scary. 'Colony Collapse Disorder,' or CCD, has spread throughout the U.S and Europe over the past few years, wiping out 50% to 90% of the colonies of many beekeepers -- and along with it, their livelihood.

Consider the plight of the honey bee. It works very hard to provide for its family and maybe get a little ahead in the event of an environmental disaster and what happens? Someone comes along and regularly robs the bees of the fruit of their labor leaving just enough for them to survive through the winter. Now I ask you, if you were a bee would you continue to work so hard or would you flee the thief who steals your wealth and set up housekeeping far from them or simply fly away and die?

Congress and the administration need to take note.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Gods' Own Image

Since God made man in His own image, there is a good chance He doesn't understand women either.
---William Fortner 2009---

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Balaam's Ass

I thought Balaam's talking ass was one of a kind. Imagine my surprise when I found the Democrats have a whole herd in Congress and the Administration!
---William Fortner 2009---

Legislative Lard

Jimmy Carter let the whole camel into the tent on his watch and now the Democrats want to buy permanence for a jackass with tons of pork in the so called "stimulus" bill. There is enough lard in that legislation to grease the skids for a Democrat monopoly for the next 100 years.
---William Fortner 2009---

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Stupid Government

Big government is bad because the bigger it gets, the dumber it gets and, ultimately, it gets too stupid to exist in the presence of intelligent life.
---William Fortner 2009---

Uncomfortable and Inferior

The media and democrats for the most part cannot abide persons of truth, honesty and character. It makes them feel uncomfortable and inferior.
---William Fortner 2009---

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Obama has fed half the nation tons of manure and told them it was ambrosia...and they are as delighted as they are ignorant.
---William Fortner 2009---


I don't think Obama is an American citizen and is a fraud. If found out, any legislation he has signed will have to be rescinded as it is illegal. To keep states subservient and prevent his ouster, Obama bought the states with a "stimulus" saddling them with debt they cannot hope repay. Too clever by half.
---William Fortner 2009---

Monday, February 23, 2009

Bitter Tears

Americans who don't weep bitter tears when they pray for this country are blind to reality.
---William Fortner 2009 ---

Most Precious Creation

God created man first so he would be there protect and care for God's most precious creation, woman.
--- William Fortner 2003 ---

Friday, February 20, 2009


Our present Congress is the sorriest excuse for a governing body I have ever seen. To vote yea
on a monstrous bill without reading a word of it acting solely on Pelosi's and Reid's direction is
misfeasance. This is not representative government, it is a dictatorial troika of Pelosi, Reid and Obama.
---William Fortner 2009

Ft. Sumter

The last time this country had a problem with the federal government, the government lost Ft. Sumter. They might lose it again. This time there is no "industrial North" to win it back.
---William Fortner 2009---


RINOs are not made, they are bought.
---William Fortner 2009---

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pity The Media

Pity the media whores and presstitutes fallen from favor. Their sins against freedom, justice and America render them repulsive cadavers shunned by the intelligent. Though they struggle to regain their respect and objectivity, they can no more do that now than Madonna can reclaim her virginity.
---William Fortner 2009---

Buried Freedom

Freedom has been buried in a sea of meddling do-goodism and political correctness by an over
reaching rogue government that lusts for total control. We are surely the worst for it and will most assuredly regret it.
---William Fortner 2009---

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Trampling the Constitution

If trampling on the Constitution of the United States was a capital crime there would scarcely be a quorum in Congress and the administration would vanish.
---William Fortner 2009---

Monday, February 9, 2009

Natural Laws

When rebuked by God fearing men and women, those who do evil against their fellow man laugh haughtily and say, "I do not believe in God." The laws of gravity, thermodynamics and nuclear physics operate whether man believes in them or not and so it is with the Law of God.
---William Fortner 2009---

Great Evil

Great evil exists in this world, but I cannot fathom the haughty smiles on the faces of the men and women who dispense it. Those who are cruel to their fellow man, cheat them, take their dignity and even their lives must be the stupidest of all organisms in the universe. If karma is true they will reincarnate as a rat turd at best. If God rules supreme then incredible eternal agony is in their future. Again, why do they smile?
---William Fortner 2009---

Intelligent Life

For centuries, mankind has theorized about intelligent life on other planets. Five decades ago we actively began seeking intelligent life in our solar system. We should have checked here first. Judging from the November 2006 and 2008 elections, there isn't any. UFOs fly in, hang around DC a week or two and fly out. Apparently they aren't having any luck finding intelligent life here either.
---William Fortner 2009---

Goodness and Mercy

If the goodness and mercy of God was measured in feathers, I would be unable to carry that which He has heaped upon me.
---William Fortner 2009---

Monday, February 2, 2009

Single Brilliant Stroke

Congratulations to Mr. Obama for his clever plan to get criminals off the street and increase tax revenue in a single brilliant stroke. I don't think a Republican would have ever thought of appointing former Democrat congressmen and lobbyists to high political office to accomplish this.
---William Fortner 2009---

Hostile Working Environment

I wonder if Obama is going to nominate one honest, law abiding citizen to his cabinet...or will that create a hostile working environment for the others.
---William Fortner 2009---

You Stink!

You elect allow crap to be seated in the highest offices of can't be bothered with cleaning out the crap...and you complain that the government stinks? The government is a reflection of you. What you smell is you. You stink!!!
---William Fortner 2009---

Coddling Pirates

When did the most powerful combatants afloat change from Men of War to police barges and why "take" pirates to court. The court is already there. The word of three eye witness naval officers plus the satellite, video and audio coverage is ample proof of guilt. Nothing need be argued. It is only left for justice to be meted out. Destroy the pirate vessel and let the pirates swim home.
---William Fortner 2009---

Desert Lawyers

If lawyers had been around when the ten Commandments were given to Moses he would still be in the desert filing defense motions and environmental impact statements.
---William Fortner 2009---

Capital Constitutional Law

The only way to stop the incessant chipping away at the Constitution is to make breaking constitutional law a capital crime.
---William Fortner 2009---

Validity of Documentation

If America is the "country of the people, by the people, for the people" that Lincoln described at Gettysburg, then why doesn't "the people" have "standing" to view, question and determine the validity of documentation and the qualifications of anyone who aspires to govern them?
---William Fortner 2009---

Friday, January 23, 2009

Killing Innocents, The Saddest of All Sadness

3 dead, 12 wounded in Belgian day care stabbings (AP) AP - A man went on a rampage at a Belgian day care center Friday, stabbing two young children and a female worker to death and slashing 12 others all over their bodies, officials said.

Here we go again. Two additional adults were there, but not a single one had a firearm to defend these children. The assailant took his time and, when he finished slicing up these innocent children, rode his bicycle to the grocery store where he was arrested. The absolute topper to this horrible incident is the man has a history of mental illness according to local residents. There will be no closure to this for the parents.

I would rather the headline have read, "Deranged Man Armed With Knife Shot And Killed By Daycare Workers Before He Could Harm Any Of The 21 Children In Their Care."

Instead, this will be the announcement, "Will it never end!!!! We need knife serialization legislation now! Knife sales should only be authorized for women and only after a full FBI background check. Parents found with knives in unlocked kitchen drawers should fined into penury and be liable for any cutting event caused by these most dangerous weapons. President Obama needs to find someone to write an Executive Order for him to sign that requires covers with locks on all pointed instruments to include swords, spears, scissors and the pointy heads of elected officials."

Friday, January 16, 2009


I wonder if Cher is going to be invited to sing Gypsies Tramps and Thieves at the opening session of Congress? (No disrespect to honest gypsies, tramps and thieves intended.)
---William Fortner 2009---

Divorce Tax

The government already has a Marriage Tax that makes it more expensive to stay married and the divorce rate is about 50%. If the government would establish a corresponding Divorce Tax of 1/3 of the total assets of both parties as a counterbalance, the divorce rate would plummet to near zero over night. As a plus, giving government a share in a marriage guarantees somebody is always going to be getting screwed.
---William Fortner 2009---

Greatly Troubled

January 15, 2009

Dear Senators Shelby, Sessions and Representative Aderholt,
I am greatly troubled by the direction our country has taken and those plotting the course. If America is the "country of the people, by the people, for the people" that Lincoln described at Gettysburg, then why didn't "the people" have "standing" to view, question and determine the validity of documentation and the qualifications of anyone aspiring to govern them before this recent tidal wave of financial and political dishonesty swept over this country and left the damning details buried under a layer of muck? I am further disturbed that the "republican loyal opposition" has surrendered and not bothered to unravel the webs of deceit to get at the truth.

I find no constitutional requirement for political parties, congress, the states or the administration to verify a candidate’s qualifications. It appears this is one of the tasks to be done by the people. For it to be otherwise opens the door to chicanery and tyranny. For the Supreme Court to rule that a citizen has no standing to demand a candidate prove he meets the constitutional requirements for the highest office in the land adds yet another layer to infamy. I don’t recall the decision specifying just who has the responsibility if not the people. Is the electorate obliged to take the word of a liar as proof of eligibility?

The near total disregard for federal statute that seems pandemic in the democrat congress at this time has utterly destroyed their credibility and my respect for that institution. It seems steamroller legislation and in-your-face lawlessness is the order of the day. Must honest citizens just sit down and shut up while the government of the congress, by the congress, for the congress makes a mockery of justice, shreds the Constitution and empties private bank and savings accounts to preserve the political power of the democrat legislature, reward its bankers and plaster over its glaring failures? Is that what our founding fathers would have done, just let lawlessness run unchecked, accept injustice as beyond our control and turn our faces away from political dishonesty and chicanery? Is it? Would they have ceded America to liars, scofflaws, cheats, self preservationists and thieves? There must be no mirrors in Washington DC. I cannot fathom how many in the current administration and anyone taking any office in the coming administration can look themselves in the face after swearing to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic”.

We once fought a bloody war to force the King of England to recognize our rights as free men. We fought another even bloodier war among ourselves to establish the supremacy of God given rights over state’s rights. Have we learned nothing from those conflicts? Must we fight yet another devastating civil war to reestablish the superiority of the electorate over government and reset the limits of government to those which existed at the birth of this nation? Must it be as Thomas Jefferson has said:

"God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion. The people cannot be all, and always, well informed. The part which is wrong will be discontented, in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions, it is lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty.
...And what country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not warned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to the facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure."

I pray God it isn’t so. If it is, we are more than a century and a half over due and the reckoning will be horrifying. Surely there is another way.

I look to you for leadership. Tell me what I must do to return honesty, decency and lawful, ethical behavior to Congress. What must I do to remove the power of the press and elected officials to destroy with impunity any opposition by lie and innuendo that forever sullies a reputation? What are my options to ensure blatant congressional lawbreakers are investigated, indicted, tried and jailed and not just those members not in power? What can I do to get Congress to abide by the Constitution that I am honor bound to support and defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic? I need specific answers, gentlemen, not empty words or platitudes.


William S. Fortner

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Obama's Big Chance

Israel is threatening to strike the nuclear facilities in Iran. GREAT!!! I can't think of a better opportunity for the head of the Office of the President Elect, Barak Obama, to unleash his great rhetorical and diplomatic skills to give the Iranians hope and change their outlook on Israel. If his diplomacy fails, he can send over "No Nonsense" Hillary to cuss them like the dogs they are and throw lamps, MilCon Feinstein to divert all of their money into her husband's businesses and "Honest Nancy" Pelosi to ethically and transparently undermine their government. Obama will then have enough ugly on the ground in the Middle East to utterly destroy it. The final victory will come when the three Wicked Witches of Washington suddenly strip naked during negotiations in Teheran. Those who do not immediately die by their own hands will pluck out their eyes and suffer mentally scarring nightmares for life.
---William Fortner 2009---

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tree Ornaments

Everything coming from the incoming Obama administration now is just talk. They want to subjugate us, but don't quite know how without a major rebellion ending with them being tree ornaments.
---William Fortner 2009---

Monday, January 5, 2009

Cutting The Middleman

Since the government has long been distributing our property to those who didn't earn it we should not be surprised at the rates for property related crimes. It is simply the indiginent, grown impatient with formalities, cutting out the government middleman and dealing directly with the supplier.
---William Fortner 2008---