Sunday, September 28, 2008

Banking Institutions

"I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered."Written two hundred years ago, by no less than a founding father of the American republic, Thomas Jefferson.

Living For Themselves

Muslims have mastered the art of killing themselves for Mohammed, but can't seem to grasp the concept of living for themselves.
---William Fortner 2008---


The most beautiful things that take our breath away are with us but for an instant, less than a cosmic heartbeat. Only the mountains and the sea have any measure of longevity and they are but a blink in eternity.
--- William Fortner 2005 ---

Vampire Democrats

Truth appears to be a real danger to Democrats. I was told one just overheard a word of truth in passing last week and burst into flame, instantly turning into ashes just like a vampire caught in sunlight...
--- William Fortner 2006 ---


The northeast and west coasts of America appears, in large part, to be populated by socialists and communists who are just too lazy to make the swim to their idea of utopia.
--- William Fortner 2001 ---

Usama Burqua

I hear reports that Usama Bin Laden has cut his hair and shaved off his beard to make it more difficult to identify him. Does this mean he finally took off that burqua and veil?
--- William Fortner 2001 ---

A New Christmas

I have problems with the liberal, secular humanist theft of Christmas by converting it to a bright light "winter holiday" buying binge and extended "happy hour" instead of the time of worship and reflection it should be. I cannot fathom how gifts by ancient wise men could be turned into the spending frenzy we see today. Perhaps, as a nation, we have taken an unwise detour towards multiculturalism somewhere along the way and forgotten the importance of the occasion and to whom the gifts were given. What I observe each year is not a Christian Christmas. It is a second-rate secular knock-off of something quite extraordinary. Many seem to have forgotten what Christmas really means. Eighty-some-odd percent of Americans profess a belief in God and the vast majority of those are Christians; odds are that most of the forgetful ones are Christians. However, the tradition of giving gifts on Christmas goes back over 2,000 years and to criticize Christians for continuing that tradition is unkind at best. Actually, I much prefer Christians to just keep quiet and shop only at the few stores that recognize without prodding the meaning of this season to most Americans. I think that will speak much louder than any talking head. I would let the department store chains figure it out on their own as they count their dwindling sales. They might learn a lasting lesson and many easily led people will not be dreading the bills come the first of January.

I can remember when nativity scenes were prevalent on public grounds and in public buildings and no one got their panties in a wad. No one got incensed over a menorah at the courthouse. I do not recall anyone forced off their horse to bow down to either. People were tolerant and respectful of religious beliefs and custom back in the 50s. That is not true today is it? To say that Christmas has no place on public grounds is to say that the rest of the Judeo-Christian ethic doesn’t either. If anyone really believes that, I think they have wandered a tad to far too the left and are in danger of falling off the edge of the earth. Public buildings built before most Americans were out of three-cornered pants proudly display the Judeo-Christian heritage of this country as well as does our currency. As I read the Constitution, and I do often, as well as the Federalist Papers and a host of other documents and books concerning the American Constitution, the act of placing a nativity scene on public property hardly constitutes "congress making any law regarding establishing a religion", liberal court decisions notwithstanding. When the government requires public servants (other than the IRS) to pass the offering plate, actively proselytize the public, or demand a baptismal certificate before providing services then I will think liberals have a case. That clause was written for a specific purpose and that was to avoid situations as occurred between Henry VIII and Pope Clement VII and the ensuing spiteful and almost total eradication of Catholicism from England.

Regarding the founding father's understanding of God, I know of not one of our founding fathers who was a Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Confucian, Rastafarian, Zoroastrian, or worshiped Molech, Aphrodite, Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Hestia, Hera, Aries, Bacchus, Boreas, Baldr, Freyr, Tyr, Bragi, Hiemdall, Loki Laufreyiarson, Uranus, Morpheus, Nemesis, Eros, Gaea, Dionysus, Athena, Ares, Hermes, Siofn, Vor, Lord and Rind, Wakea, Pele, Marduk, Ptah, Ahura Mazdah, Ahriman, Khnum, Prometheus, Enki, Ymir, Isis, Coatlicue, Osiris, Rig Veda, or any of the pantheon of gods popular with those in Africa, the Mediterranean, Asia, South America, or Europe throughout history. To my knowledge all worshiped the Christian God and recognized Jesus Christ as his Son, even Jefferson who some falsely claim was a Deist. To think their reference to God in the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution meant just any god is ludicrous. America was born a Christian country. If the left has its way, it will die a secular cesspool, but not on my watch. There are at least 89 days during the winter season. Let the godless have it all. Perhaps Christians should celebrate Christmas the first two weeks in September when Christ was likely born and not corrupt the celebration as is now done.
William Fortner

Friday, September 26, 2008

Buy The National Debt

Perhaps the only way out of this mess of non constitutional government of greedy, dishonest politicians is for Americans to ante up, purchase the national debt, immediately foreclose and hold elections to restore a constitutional government that includes term limits to prevent a permanent political caste. Communism, socialism and violent religious cults are not welcome and adherents of all three will be banished.
---William Fortner 2008---

Deafening Silence

The single, absolutely certain, way to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that a Democrat is guilty of fraud, malfeasance, misfeasance, treason, theft, perversion, Logan Act violations or breaches of national security is the total absence of any investigation, probe or hearing into personal conduct or the federal program obviously misused or mismanaged and the deafening silence of the media.
---William Fortner 2008---

US Military

The United States Military is doing far, far better in Iraq than the MSM is doing in America.
--- William Fortner 2006 ---


God calls me son, but I am unworthy. Jesus calls me brother, but I am unworthy. Father God, let not your mercy and forgiveness depart from me lest I fall by the wayside.
---William Fortner 2005 ---

Unrealistic Dreamers

In this country there are a few unrealistic, but vocal, dreamers whose world view drifts like a leaf in an autumn breeze jostled by the feeling d' jour who accomplish nothing. There are many more in America who are doers. I'll cast my lot with the doers.
--- William Fortner 2005 ---

Unmarked Graves

In her ignorant arrogance Pelosi may preside over the death of the fossil fuels industry and the collapse of the US economy as garage inventors spurred on by unreasonable gasoline prices make incredible daily advances in systems that make hydrogen from water on the fly to power cars. Unlike their predecessors, these inventors are making their discoveries open source to the world via the internet, invulnerable to buyout by oil or auto companies.Nancy, they will have to bury you and Harry in unmarked graves to prevent desecration.
---William Fortner 2008---

Personal Responsibility

These comments do not refer to defective consumer items, but items that are willfully or fatuously misused. I have watched the current furor over OxyContinfirst with amazement, then astonishment, then great sadness because it is a prime indicator of the lack of personal responsibility and accountability that has become rampant in America in the last 50 years. The fact that OxyContin, or any other drug, device, implement, tool, or human contrivance can be misused by incredibly dense members of our society is a given. This is also true of natural things like rocks, sticks, dirt clods, and snowballs I might add. To hold companies responsible for the irresponsibility of consumers is ludicrous and shows that a great weakness, a cancer, is firmly ensconced in our society.

We have public education that teaches, or should teach, every citizen to read and we have minds with which to absorb directions, warning labels, and the like as well as reason the relationship between cause and effect. Parents are also obligated to teach little Johnny not to stick his tongue in a light socket and little Susie not to pour boiling beans on her head. Why then is it the drug manufacturer's fault when a drug is willfully misused by some fool? Why is it the hair dryer manufacturer's fault when some dolt decides to dry their hair in the bathtub? Why is it the gun manufacturer's fault when some criminal or citizen with the IQ of a turnip shoots someone or themselves? I wonder when personal responsibility vanished from the American character and when the concept of having to suffer the consequences of ill-conceived and willful actions went out of vogue in this country. What next? Will carpenters begin suing Stanley because they smacked their thumb with a Stanley hammer, or a mechanic sue the jack company when he lowers the car onto his own foot?

To think that the government can isolate and insulate us from our own stupidity or willful disregard for directions, safety precautions, and warnings plainly stated on labels or even plain common sense is the height of irresponsibility at best and the nadir of imbecility at worst. I think those concerned with juris prudence in our society need to concern themselves more with prudence than juris in these cases of misuse, misapplication, and willful disregard. Trying to find loopholes in warnings provided by manufacturers has become a legal blood sport.

God gave us free will and with it came the responsibility for actions takenbecause of that free will. It would appear that most of us adamantly demand theright, but cravenly shirk the responsibility that goes with it. For those of youthat do not believe in God, then the foregoing also flies in the face of Darwin's theory of evolution and the survival of the fittest. We have apparently interfered with natural selection in this country far too long and have raised several generations of dull-witted twits unfit to survive without governmental intervention and a perpetual nanny.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mahler Species

I wish Bill Mahler would get a DNA test. I would like to know his species.
---William Fortner 2008---

Department of Energy

When did the Department of Energy's mission change from lessening our dependence on foreign oil to lessening our dependence on our OWN oil and "depending on the flexibility of the oil market to meet our needs?"
---William Fortner 2008---


Politics is magical. It convinced a mulatto and his followers he is a full-blooded Negro...and they all believe it. Now that is remarkable.
---William Fortner 2008---

Uniform Misery of the Masses

The elite say socialism is the answer for the poor and middle class, but the elite, who would be their masters, station themselves above the uniform misery of the masses comfortably insulated from their suffering.
--- William Fortner 2007 --

Undersea Mines

We no longer possess the naval capability to fight everywhere at once as we did at the end of WW II, but the use of undersea mines will disrupt enemy supply lines, isolate their combatants in their ports, and give us the ability to choose the time, place and method to deal with them.
--- William Fortner 2005 ---

The UN

If the US got out of the UN, the UN would get out of the US.
---William Fortner 2006 ---

Letter To The Editor

Colorado and New Mexico burned last year and California this year. I think it is time to gather up and place on the leading edge of the fire lines the eco-idiots and legislators that demanded, supported, and pushed through the incredibly naive environmental laws that prevented the removal of dead wood and banned controlled burns to clear underbrush from forests. It is they who made this latest disaster possible. They should be given the opportunity to experience first hand the pain and suffering their feel good legislation has caused. They must learn that the Jurassic is long over and mindless dinosaurs are no longer king no matter how cutesy Hollywood makes reviving that age appear. This is the age of man and man must wisely manage all natural resources. Making it possible for millions of acres to burn uncontrollably with the resultant pollution and the loss of valuable property, natural resources and life, both human and animal, is not wise. It is criminal.

William Fortner

Friday, September 19, 2008

Money Is Power

Money is power. That is why the government wants all of yours.
---William Fortner 2008---

Two-front War

Until a radical Islamic jihadist publicly beheads a Democrat legislator or a mainstream media news anchor America will always be fighting a two-front war against terrorism.
--- William Fortner 2006 ---

True Age

The true age of a woman is an enigma. The younger ones fib to make themselves older, the older ones fib to make themselves younger. A considerate gentleman will not inquire and force them to lie.
--- William Fortner 2008 ---

Tribal Leaders

In antiquity, African tribal leaders sold their countrymen into slavery to white men for money and power. To date, nothing has changed except the method and the locale.
--- William Fortner 2000 ---

Treason Thrives

Freedom of speech does not extend to treason. Good people have done nothing so traitors still live and treason thrives.
--- William Fortner 2007 ---


Since there does not seem to be any federal statutes Congress will obey and none the Administration will enforce regarding congressional criminality, perhaps the legislative and executive branches ofgovernment should be dismissed for malfeasance and new elections held to form a government,subservient to the people, as specified in the Constitution of the United States.
---William Fortner 2008---

Do Not Call List

I have been victimized by a persistent telemarketer and the Do Not Call statute has proven woefully inadequate to prevent it. The statute, as written, apparently targets idiots. It does absolutely nothing to stop persistent calls from dishonest businesses or illegal phishing expeditions by criminals.

Professional criminals are not so stupid as to provide a victim with a legitimate phone number or company name when asked. The originating number does not appear on call screening devices. My telephone company, TDS Telcom, will not provide me phone records, actually a single number, from MY OWN TELEPHONE ACCOUNT WITHOUT A SUBPOENA. Now, how can the Do Not Call List be effective against criminals? For me it is just an industry protected government cash cow that collects fines from the idiots, but avoids the hard cases requiring investigative work. To put the onus on the victim to investigate a violation without the power to get the required information is ludicrous. Did the writers of the original legislation think scofflaws would line up in droves and take numbers to pay $11,000.00 fines?

The telecommunications industry must be required by law to provide complete information on demand to the victimized subscriber for illegal incoming calls on his or her private telephone line. That information must be the actual phone number and account information and not just “unlisted, private or blocked”. If my privacy has been invaded by some criminal, I see no reason why that criminal should enjoy the privacy to continue illegal activities.

I await your responses detailing remedial action to fix this oversight in the Do No Call Registry.


Monday, September 15, 2008

Contempt of America

In their endless hearings and useless investigations, our pompous solons consider "Contempt of Congress" to be the most egregious crime. I beg to differ. Congress, with an approval rate lower than whale dookey, is in Contempt of America.
---William Fortner 2008---

Camel Crap

Terrorism drains a society, it doesn't feed it. Perhaps this is why many in the Middle East still cook with camel crap.
---William Fortner 2008---

Tort Lawsuits

Tort lawsuits are a well established path to incredible wealth in America...and the plaintiffs get a little too after the lawyers finish deducting their fees.
--- William Fortner 2007 ---

Tongue of Treason

It is dangerous to this nation that liberal politicians cannot distinguish between the voice of reason and the tongue of treason. They appear utterly illiterate in the former and totally fluent in the latter.
--- William Fortner 2004 ---

Theocratic Thugs

Is there truly any such thing as a devout Muslim when they are born into it and cannot choose to be something else on pain of death? It would seem that Islam consists of captives of theocratic enforcers.
--- William Fortner 2006 ---

Today's Sleaze

In America, today's sleaze is tomorrow's norm. America ought to be better than that.
--- William Fortner 2004 ---

Instant Gratification

We Americans demand instant gratification. Our hectic lifestyle crowds everything except satisfaction and time to think for ourselves into our lives. We want 20 second sound bites, 3 minute hamburgers, 30 minute sitcoms, 1 hour books, 2 hour movies and 6 month wars. We have become shallow and out of contact with the reality that exists in the rest of the world.

None of the wars in which this country has engaged lasted 6 months. WWII lasted 7 years. We still have troops in Germany, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Greece, Italy and Japan 60 years after that war. We have troops stationed in South Korea 50 years after the Korean "Police Action". More recently was Kosovo and there are still American troops there after 7 years.

Now there is Iraq which is a totally different kind of war with a totally different kind of peace. We whine because there is no instant answer to the thorny problem of uniting a country with deeply divided religious allegiances simultaneously beset by a committed enemy determined to enslave it again. We forget the Iraqis have compressed the first 100 years of American history into less than 5. Freed from tyranny, they have fought among themselves to define that freedom for themselves, they have elected leaders, learned to compromise politically, suffered through a civil war and are now uniting against the common enemy, al Qaeda.

Many Democrats and some Republicans are crying for the removal of our troops from Iraq at a critical time. That is an action which few who have been in country for more than 3 months agree. They who daily battle al Qaeda and rub shoulders with the Iraqi men, women and children in the street are the resident experts. If our fighting men and women see progress, feel the need to continue and are willing to shoulder the burden, then Congress should move on to something useful like sealing our southern border and removing millions of illegal immigrants who are draining our strength and resources and threatening our unity.

For selfish reasons, some in Congress would have us believe all is lost in Iraq. They are dishonest and do not deserve the trust given them. They are also amoral and do not care what the electorate thinks. The recent amnesty battle with Congress and the Administration speaks reams of the low esteem those who consider themselves our betters hold us. Having their backsides handed to them on a platter came as a shock.

The blood of some patriots has been spilled in Iraq, but the blood of tyrants runs knee deep nourishing freedom. Many say our loss is too great yet drunk drivers kill more of our fighting men and women in a year than terrorists and there is no outcry. Some say our country has no business interfering with foreign nations and count the cost unbearable. If that is so, let us bring our military home. Let us start with Kosovo which was only going to last a year, then Korea, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Greece and Japan. The billions we save will provide a bottomless pit of men, material and money to deal with Iran, Syria, North Korea and other irritants.

Reintroducing the Administration and the Congress to their employers was long overdue. We, the electorate, must continue to educate ourselves from several sources to know the truth. It is our responsibility to be informed and supervise the help. We may have to rise up again and insist Congress continue to support freedom in Iraq which may ultimately break the harsh, radical religious dominance in the Middle East.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Wizard of Ob

The more I find out about this man Obama, the more I believe someone else, perhaps many others, are behind the curtain pulling the strings and levers that make the Great and Terrible Wizard of Ob move and speak. Those hidden others hate America.
---William Fortner 2008---

Balance of Power

The difference between a moderate and a militant Muslim is their perception of the balance of power.
---William Fortner 2008---

Illegal Extortion

If the federal government is extorting enough money to provide unconstitutional earmarks then it is overtaxing the people illegally.
---William Fortner 2008---

Blaming Mankind

Blaming mankind for climate change is like a flea making love to an elephant. When the elephant grunts for some unrelated reason, the egotistical flea says, "Did I hurt you baby?" Mankind is that flea.
--- William Fortner 2006 ---

The 60s

In looking back on the Sixties, I find no honor in those that tried to attach nobility to cowardly self preservation. History has shown that they grew up to be men bereft of character, devoid of conscience, destitute of integrity and slaves totheir basest desires.
--- William Fortner 2001 ---

Justice Stephen J. Field

"The present assault upon capital is but the beginning. It will be but a stepping-stone to others, larger and more sweeping, till our political contests will become a war of the poor against the rich." Justice Stephen J. Field quoted in The United States Since 1865

A Pox On Both Their Houses

I grow very weary of the political assassination that passes for political discussion these days. The yellow journalistic media mentality has not changed in over 100 years, nor has pork barrel politics at the expense of the people. Most politicians and the media are not America serving or America loving, they are self serving and self loving. A friend has said, with ample justification, that half of the politicians and all of the media hate America. I believe he is right.

Those kinds of people cannot be trusted to lead or inform this nation. They cannot even be trusted to discipline themselves to resist treason for the dollar or political gain. To them, truth is unimportant and ethics passé. They are neither patriots nor our best and brightest. They are our shame.

The best of America are selflessly tracking our enemies through the sights of a rifle, delivering food and medicine to needy people and repairing decades of decay in the infrastructure of another country trying to give them a taste of the freedoms we so unthinkingly take for granted. In one day, the US military does more good for humanity than the media and politicians have ever done, or will ever do until the next American Revolution. A pox on both their houses.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Back To Her Broom

Considering what Sarah Palin did with the Governor's plane, if McCain wins, it will be back to her broom for Pelosi.
---William Fortner 2008---

Antiquated Concepts

It is becoming apparent that the rule of law only applies to Republicans, Independents and conservatives in general. Democrats consider themselves exempt from the Constitution, Bill of Rights and other statutes enacted by Congress as well as above the antiquated concepts of courtesy, decency and honesty.
---William Fortner 2008---


To the terrorist cowards: Every fallen brick, every shard of glass,every mote of dust, every drop of blood, every shattered dream, every broken heart, every tear drop shed because of your heinous act will be meticulously catalogued and weighed. You will be recompensed fullmeasure, heaped up and tamped down, in the currency you understand.
--- William Fortner 2001 ---


Taxes: The method the government uses to take from the rich, the not so rich,the middle class, and those barely eking out a living and giving it to the poor while skimming off 90 percent for administration.
--- William Fortner 2000---

Tax Error

The IRS is not an unbiased entity. Have you EVER heard of ANYONE getting a letter from The IRS stating that an audit of their tax return had an error and that they had paid too much tax and advised them to submit an amended return to get THEIR money back?
--- William Fortner 2001 ---


Democrats can't help lying. They open their mouths and the tarradiddles just tumble off of their tongues, one right after another, into a pile at their feet likesmart pills out of a rabbit's behind...and the MSM feeds on the pile for news.
--- William Fortner 2006 ---

No Excuse for Sorry Leadership.

I refuse to give Democrats or Republicans an inch. Just because the current crop is the sorriest example America has to offer in decades does not mean we should just say, “Oh well they are Democrats (or Republicans), what do you expect?” I expect every (expletive deleted) in the House, the Senate, and the administration to be honest, honorable, faithful and, above all, statesmen. I do not expect ANY to lie, cheat, steal or abuse the authority and trust given them in any way. I will not tolerate it. I expect them to abide by the letter and spirit of the law and enforce it.

They have taken a serious oath that by its very nature and wording excludes partisanship. Those who cannot abide by the oath they took must be recalled or not reelected. They are not honorable enough to serve. The American people DO NOT have to live with third world leadership. Those we elect must listen and they must do what the majority of us reasonably demand or we are OBLIGATED to ensure they look for other employment. A government that ignores its electorate is by definition a tyranny. Those that govern ignore the reasonable will of the people at their peril. King George made that mistake once. The result was the American Revolution.