Friday, May 30, 2008

Human Arrogance

Contrary to popular belief, man does not control nature. Man must adapt to nature. To think otherwise reveals an incredible level of human ignorance and arrogance.
--- William Fortner 2006 ---

Housing and Feeding Problem

I am convinced that, if marijuana was legalized and available in quantity, liberalism would be little more than a housing and feeding problem in 10 years.
--- William Fortner 2008 ---


If ratings drop any lower, the MSM news departments might consider going into the sanitation business. They are only interested in dirt and already suck like Hoovers anyway.
--- William Fortner 2006 ---

Honor and Integrity

Those who would trade honor and integrity for power are not worthy of it.
--- William Fortner 2006 ---

Home Schooling

Home schooling is becoming incredibly popular as parents want their children educated, not indoctrinated.
--- William Fortner 2005 ---

Hollywood Sleaze Magazine

The mainstream media doesn't actually report "NEWS" anymore. The MSM has become a broadcast Hollywood sleaze report magazine.
--- William Fortner 2007 ---

The Old Folks At Home

The Yellow Jacket Caper…

A well insured man should not listen too closely to his wife.

After having proved to my satisfaction that the high wheel lawn trimmer my shy and retiring bride of some 45 years had insisted on purchasing was useless in the uneven, rock-strewn ditch that runs between our driveway and the pasture fence for about 1,300 feet, I did not say, “I told you so”, but I did remind her that she had heard it here first.

My old Sears Brushwhacker was dead due to a leaky fuel tank and, since it was 20 years old, I only got snickers from the Sears parts people when I tried to order a new one. My only choice was to get a new Brushwhacker which I did. I unpacked the rascal, assembled and fueled it. Two tugs on the starter cord and I was rewarded with that throaty roar of power I had missed and couldn’t wait to get to the ditch and wreak havoc. I installed the deadly 8-toothed, steel blade on the head and smiled inwardly as I waited impatiently until 4 p.m. and a cooler temperature to sally forth and do battle with the weeds and broom grass.

Though the ferocity of my attack had dog fennels uprooting and running for their very lives, my foray into the ditch with the new Brushwhacker was only a partial victory as I didn't get the whole area subdued due to a nest of yellow jackets in the last 4 square feet of the section I had marked off to do. Having encountered these pests before, I departed the area, the sonic boom disrupting their malevolent plans. I returned to my castle in defeat.

Miz Dee had heard that gasoline was just the thing for yellow jackets and all that was needed was to pour a little on the hole. That sounded simple enough. About dusk, I got a 5 gallon can and away we went with the gusto of a hound dog hot on the scent of a bag of Alpo.

I sloshed some gasoline where I had seen the yellow jackets emerging and darned if they didn't start coming out in at least one other place and possibly two. I hastily sloshed on more, probably close on 3 gallons or more. There was a bunch of them climbing around on the tall grass and weeds though they seemed a bit disoriented by the gas fumes and Miz Dee was spraying at them with hornet spray.

Miz Dee, a closet pyromaniac I learned, suggested we light the spot on fire to get the yellow jackets climbing around on the tall grass and weeds I had been unable to cut. While the idea initially sounded reasonable, the hair on the back of my neck began to rise and I should have taken that as a warning.

We tried to light a Kleenex with the car cigarette lighter to no avail. We drove back to the house and got a box of matches and returned to the scene.

Did I mention that the ditch is on a goodly slope and that gasoline fumes are heavier than air and will seek the lowest point? Well, I lit the Kleenex and tossed it into the little stand of grass and weeds with no result until a small part burned free and fell to the ground.

Suddenly, with a significant “WHUUUMMMMP”, the air was filled with flaming yellow jackets as a fireball erupted over our heads and then, with a loud “SWOOSH” raced like a blue rocket down the ditch setting the entire world on fire. Fortunately, there was green grass on the other side of the fence that runs parallel to the ditch and the barren driveway on the other.

Fearing litigation that would put me in the poorhouse for the remainder of my days, I raced through the falling yellow jackets who were even more disoriented and not a little bit angry and beat into submission a rapidly advancing 8 feet wide wall of fire at the lower end. Fear had panicked her and Miz Dee was performing like a champion country/western clogger. She stomped the upper end out in seconds.

This little job took 2 hours and cost me my best leather Velcro sneakers and a new pair of pants. Why do I listen when I know better, why, why?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Racist Third-world Country

If Americans elect a man a who demonstrably disrespects this country with a wife who apparently hates 80% of the population, Americans will get exactly what they deserve, a racist, third-world country.
---William Fortner 2008---

Hollywood Personalities

It would appear that some Hollywood personalities are ashamed of their success and seem to be bent on redistributing the wealth of taxpayers to atone for it.
---William Fortner 2000---

Helping Hand

Liberals will never learn that help is an outreached hand, not a handful of someone else's money.
--- William Fortner 2005 ---


The media commissions polls that ask questions worded to get the desired results and that becomes the top story above the fold. A lie has now become a headline.
--- William Fortner 2007 ---

Hard Working Americans

Hard working American men and women, who recognize and gladly shoulder the responsibilities as well as enjoy the rights associated with a free society, are told that they should feel sorry for and guilty about the dregs of society who recognize only their rights and accept none of the responsibility.
--- William Fortner 2002 ---

Handwriting On The Wall

Much to Jesse's and Al's chagrin, "Afro-Americans" are beginning to see the handwriting in the wall ... and it is writing in Spanish.
--- William Fortner 2007 ---

Handmaidens of Hell

Those who excuse and countenance the evil and wickedness of radical Islam are the handmaidens and whoremasters of Hell.
--- William Fortner 2007 ---

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Gun Control

Gun control is not a remedy for crime. Gun control is a cure for revolution.
---William Fortner 2000---

Greatest Enemy

It is dangerous that Democrats consider Republicans a greater enemy than Hamas, Hezbollah or Al Qaeda and America a greater threat to world peace than radical Islam.
--- William Fortner 2006 ---

Greater Thief

Who's the greater thief, the criminal who steals from me or the judicial system that does not mandate restitution to the victim and keeps the fine? The law and justice are not the same thing.
--- William Fortner 2007 ---

Great Humanitarians

A liberal wants to pay the ungrateful indolent to care for themselves with the fruit of the industrious and expects the accolade of "humanitarian" instead of "thief" for the effort. Great scam, huh? (See vote buying with public funds.)
--- William Fortner 2008 ---

Protection From Govermental Tyranny

"The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves from the tyranny of government!" Thomas Jefferson, President, United States of America

National Epitaph

The saddest national epitaph I ever heard was: "I was never taught how to protect my freedom. I only knew how to enjoy it."
--- William Fortner 2008 ---

Time For A House Cleaning

All of known history reveals that kings and tyrants conquered lands and peoples, robbed them of their wealth, annexed their land and took the people for slaves. Then came America, the beacon on a hill, a country that fought tyrants and despots who would rob the world's people of freedom. A country that restored friend and foe alike and asked only enough land to bury its dead.

Yet, there are people who hate America; people who say America is imperialistic; people who condemn America for fighting to give others the gift of freedom while protecting our shores. Sadly, many of these people call themselves Americans, and sadder still, many reside in Congress. To them I say liar! You are American in name only. To them I ask, "Where are the conquered lands, the subjugated people, the confiscated wealth? Where is the tribute from conquered states?

Today we face an evil enemy that recognizes no borders, no governments, no rights, no freedoms. It demands we lick their boots as lesser beings and bow down to their blood thirsty god. Yet many in our national leadership sit comfortably in a tub of water discussing appeasement and America's disarmament while our enemies slowly increase the heat under the tub. These are the people who want total control of America's government. Though they richly deserve it, I am not willing to see even these poltroons have their heads brutally hacked from their bodies as many have.

It is time for a reckoning and a house cleaning to remove those who have continued to buy their position and feather their nests with our taxes and who subordinate America’s interests to their own. I speak not of political parties, but individual senators and representatives who have demonstrated a hatred for American values, a total lack of ethics and a willingness to steal. I challenge all who read this to contact your representatives and senators and demand an end to earmarks and riders on legislation. I further challenge you to demand that the President enforce the laws of the nation and formally charge those who have violated the Logan Act, those caught funneling public funds into the pockets of relatives, those who hid shady dealings behind their position, those who refuse to keep our country sovereign by enforcing our border and immigration laws and those who have committed treason in time of war.

There is no question that many are guilty as they are brazen and publicly flaunted their disrespect for the law and this country...and still do. They are a national liability America can no longer afford. To cure this problem for future generations, demand your senators and representatives initiate legislation to have Congress included in the 17th Amendment to the US Constitution. Roosevelt was right. He just didn’t go far enough to prevent an entrenched and power hungry congress from taking government far beyond Constitutional limits.

Our founders envisioned just enough government to hold the country together, protect it and keep men free. They would be horrified at the expansive, invasive, insatiable, revenue devouring octopus that robs us of our freedom with tax after tax and regulation after regulation and law after law, the Constitution be damned. Act now or seek comfort in your servitude.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Government Help

If the government really wanted to help people, it would help them grow a backbone instead of grow fat and lazy. --- William Fortner 2005 ---

Good Woman

A good woman is neither toy nor trophy. She is a treasure, a gift from God and, to the man who truly loves her with all his heart, her beauty never fades. ---William Fortner 2005 ---

Good Leader

A good leader sets a good example and challenges us to be better than we think we can be. A poor leader sets a sorry example and encourages us to be less than what we are.
---William Fortner 2000---

Good Intentions

The left is driven by feelings and good intentions, not facts and good sense. This ultimately and inevitably results in the loss of freedom for others.
--- William Fortner 2007 ---

Good Ideas

Generally, good ideas and good art attract investors and patrons while bad ideas and bad "art" require government subsidies.
---William Fortner 2004 ---

Liberal Automatons

It is the height of liberal schizophrenia and callus irony that the liberal automatons who scream "baby killer" at America's military think nothing of aborting millions of babies. How is killing a pregnant woman a double murder, but abortion not even a misdemeanor?
--- William Fortner 2008 ---

Mop Bucket

People with brains and a desire to excel avoid politics like the plague. In a major corporation, most in congress could make mid level management with many unable to rise above the mail room or mop bucket.
---William Fortner 2008---

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Scattered Debris

I do not understand the denigrating hip-hop culture. If I heard a young man refer to my daughter as a "Ho", even in jest, he would find himself searching for his teeth amid the scattered debris of his ass. --- William Fortner 2008 ---

God's Gift

If man was God's gift to women, God would have created man second.
--- William Fortner 2006 ---

God of the Damned

I have no use for a people or a religion that kills children to make a point. A god that drinks the blood of children is a god of the damned. ---William Fortner 2007 ---

God Bless

"May God bless and tenderly care for those that love, serve and defend America; and may that same God curse and damn those that kiss and embrace our enemies."
--- William Fortner 2000---

Global Warming

So "global warming" MAY cause the ocean to rise 20' in 100 years. We can shut down the entire world today and delay the inevitable by what, a month, as Mars appears to be warming at the same rate. Adapt to nature or cede the world to a more competent species, but stop whining.
--- William Fortner 2006 ---

Geological Time

In geological time, Earth is ever changing. In human time, Earth is constant. We forget the center of this country was once a great sea and once ice two miles thick covered the heartland. Neither event was caused by the hand of man. --- William Fortner 2006 ---

Generous Democrats

California liberal Democrats gave the Chinese Long Beach, Jimmy Carter (liberal Democrat) gave them the Panama Canal and Bill Clinton (Democrat) has ultimately given them ICBMs and improved targeting. Democrats are generous to a fault with national security, aren't they?
--- William Fortner 2005 ---

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Freedom of the People

"I believe there are more instances of the abridgement of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations."
James Madison 1788

Freedom Costs Blood

Freedom costs far more blood to regain than it does to maintain. ---William Fortner 2008 ---

Free Will

God does not change people. God makes it possible for people to change. As a being created with free will, the choice is yours. --- William Fortner 2005 ---

Free Speech

The mainstream media are first to demand the rights of a free press and freedom of speech, but the very last to acknowledge or accept the responsibilities that go with those freedoms.
--- William Fortner 2006 ---

Free Press

Americans have always put a lot of faith in the "free press", but, in truth, it is bought and sold by liberal special interests on a daily basis. I would prefer an honest and truthful press.
--- William Fortner 2005 ---

Free Channels

I stopped watching ABC, CBS, NBC and PBS. They are the free channels and I found I got what I paid for. --- William Fortner 2006 ---

Time Has Proven This Correct

April 6, 2007

Dear Senator ___________

Since I pay attention to voting records, I exclude you and Senator _______ as well as Representative ________ from this letter.

I think Congress has sinned mightily against those for whom they swore to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. Words cannot express my disdain, disgust and repugnance for the House and the Senate. I am not alone. Senate and House ratings are in the toilet and the Speaker of the House works overtime to flush even that.

Congressional ratings approach single digits because the people have no respect for it. Congress has demonstrated no respect for the people or the law and are completely self serving while the leadership appears totally devoid of ethics, honor or respect.

Duty! Honor! Country! These stirring words of self sacrifice echo in the halls and hearts of America’s defenders. What stirring words echo in the halls of Congress where truth is commonly sacrificed for power, duty is subservient to self, honor a rare virtue and country comes after reelection, if at all?

There is a law called the Logan Act and it deals with those who conspire with foreign nations illegally. Nancy Pelosi and several others, both democrat and republican, have violated that law. Violation is a felony. You know what will happen to them? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! There will be no investigation, no hearing, nothing!

How can a Representative caught red handed with $90,000.00 in bribe money be seated by the House? There will be no trial and no sentencing! Has Congress no shame at all? Apparently Congress has slid a long way since Adam Clayton Powell.

Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader, and Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House, admitted using PUBLIC FUNDS to buy the votes of members of Congress via unrelated earmarks for wording in the Military Spending Bill meant to interfere with the Commander-in-Chief’s efforts in Iraq and put Americans at risk. Their attempted theft of funds was greater than the amount asked by the President to pursue the war. Their cowardly, backdoor meddling is a disgrace yet there will be no investigation, no hearing, nothing!

And didn’t Senator Diane Feinstein, ranking member on the MilCon Committee, recently get caught awarding millions of dollars in contracts to her husband’s company and affiliates? She merely resigned her position on the committee and still sits in Congress. Where is the investigation and trial for malfeasance in office? That IS what it is isn’t it? She deserves her day in court. All I hear from Congress is crickets chirping.

The President and the majority of both houses want to welcome millions of lawbreakers into this country with open arms and care not about the economic and social disaster that will be in terms of the cost of services and the destruction of American unity. E Pluribus Unum will be a thing of the past. America will be one nation divided into many with no common language. I hear the people scream “NO!”, yet I see the leadership on both sides of the aisle marching in lockstep to make it so, the law and will of the people be damned.

Senator, Representative and Congress used to be awe inspiring terms of honor and respect. They are now synonymous with poltroon, thief and liar and will remain so until those few statesmen in office with character and decency gather the courage to end and punish the injustice, indignity and dangerously un-American activities of their colleagues. Even the President has failed to insist that apparent treason be investigated and dealt with when it appeared from several venues.

The current Congress has proven itself neither mature enough, wise enough nor fiscally responsible enough to govern this nation. Neither was the last. When professional politicians can be, and are, bought and sold like slaves in the market place by their leadership it is a disgrace and an abomination. They should be standing before Gonzales instead of the other way around and under indictment. America deserves a new deal from a fresh deck.

What, specifically, Senator, will you do to bring to justice violators of national law and end threats to America’s security? What will you do to stop the ethical embarrassments to our country? Are you in the stands or on the field?

William S. Fortner

Friday, May 16, 2008

Fragile Nothing

When man becomes his own god, he begins to believe he has the power to alter the course of nature and control the universe. In truth, man is a fragile nothing in the cosmos without even the power to control himself. --- William Fortner 2006 ---

Multicultural Society

Europe's snobbish belief in their "enlightened" multicultural society has allowed their foundations to rot. All that is necessary now is an Islamic nudge to topple them.
--- William Fortner 2008 ---

Greenhouse Gas

Eco-nuts have demanded hydrogen powered cars to clean up the environment. GM is giving them one. The exhaust is water vapor...the predominant greenhouse gas by several orders of magnitude. ---William Fortner 2006---

Humble, Attentive Attitude

What a pity treason is not a recognizable offense in America anymore. An occasional hanging encourages honesty and diligence in public servants and engenders a humble, attentive attitude toward those whom they serve. --- William Fortner 2007 ---

Honest and Fair Government

Honest and fair government has the respect of the electorate and no fear of insurrection so freedom abounds. A dishonest government is mistrusted, fears it's citizens and severely limits their freedom to protect its power.
--- William Fortner 2007 ---

World Village

Hillary said the world is a village. Well, most of the villagers are sitting on their asses waiting for America to deliver food and the latest Netflix. --- William Fortner 2007 ---

Seed Corn

What "the people want" is not necessarily what they need or what is best for them or America. Unfortunately, the government has lost the courage to say no. Left to their own devices, "the people" will eat the seed corn.--- William Fortner 2008 ---

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Foul Wind

America changed from a moral society in the 50s to an amoral society. Without a moral guide, this country cannot survive because it is at the mercy of every foul wind the media blows.--- William Fortner 2006 ---


After listening to the ranting of the political far left I am convinced that fools should be permitted to do what they do best. ---William Fortner 2005 ---

Food Chain

We arrogantly think we are the top of the food chain when we actually share that position with several other mammals. The only reason they don't eat more of us is because we don't particularly taste good. --- William Fortner 2006 ---


I would think more of the New York Times if their "investigative reporters" were uncovering and publishing Al Qaeda's secret plans instead of America's. Until they do, I consider the paper nothing more than treasonous fishwrap. --- William Fortner 2006 ---

Finishing America

The Democrats have never solved a social problem or finished anything. I hope finishing America isn't their first success.--- William Fortner 2006 ---

Feeling Pain

"Feeling" someone's pain and "talking" about someone's pain without "doing" anything about their pain is as useful as 80 grit toilet tissue. --- William Fortner 2005 ---


By making suicide illegal, the government affirms that you do not have the right to take your own life. It then stands to reason that you have the duty to protect your life. Since the government did not give you life, it must have been endowed by the Creator mentioned in the Constitution, therefore, self defense is a God given right. --- William Fortner 2008 ---

Monday, May 12, 2008

Abusing A Trust

Those caught abusing earmarking public funds are the first to scream that it is legal! Farting in church is legal, but decent, considerate people don't do it except as a last resort. --- William Fortner 2008 ---

False Premise

We suffer under the false premise that life must be made easier for each succeeding generation. History has shown this to be destructive, breeding weakness, dependence and contempt for society. --William Fortner 2004--

False News

I do not think that freedom of speech extends to the broadcast "news" media airing misleading or blatantly false information over public airways to further a political agenda. This country cannot survive with an electorate constantly misled and lied to by a broadcast news media that abuses the public trust. --William Fortner 2004--

Fairness Doctrine

The "Fairness Doctrine" is just another liberal attack on freedom, free enterprise and capitalism. Liberalism must be subsidized to survive.--- William Fortner 2007 ---

Failed Legislator

Any legislator who has to buy reelection with pork is a failed legislator at best and a common thief at worst. --- William Fortner 2008 ---

Free Press

The American "free press" bites the hand that feeds it, spits in the face that protects it, curses the arm that defends it yet licks the feet of those who would utterly destroy it. --William Fortner 2006 --


You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.
You cannot help small men by tearing down big men.
You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich.
You cannot lift the wage earner by pulling down the wage payer.
You cannot keep out of trouble by spending more than your income.
You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatreds.
You cannot establish security on borrowed money.
You cannot build character and courage by taking away a man's initiative and independence.
You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves.
William J. H. Boetcker, 1916 (often attributed to Lincoln)

Except Win It

The Democrats, Pelosi and Reid in particular, will go to any length and will do anything and everything possible to end the war in Iraq... except win it. ---William Fortner 2007 ---

Evil Capitalism

If American capitalism and freedom is as evil as most on the left vociferously declare at every opportunity then why do we have a border problem? Even the unctuous, two-faced Ignorati from Hollywood won't leave and stay gone making a mockery of their strident and solemn vows to do so. --- William Fortner 2006 ---

Even Playing Field

In a debate of issues, liberals consider an even playing field to consist of just them. --- William Fortner 2006 ---

European Socialists

European socialists plan to find out what 20 million European Muslims want and give it to them. They haven't caught on that the Muslims want them dead. Imagine their surprise when they do figure it out and find they can't protest because the air gap between their shoulders and heads is too great.---William Fortner 2007 ---


Eternity is not in doubt. It is a reality. Where you are going to spend it is up to you. --- William Fortner 2004 ---


Environmentalism is a business and a religion, not a solution.--- William Fortner 2006 ---

Enlightened Electorate

Education has made great strides in 50 years. The Constitution, Bill of Rights, and other founding documents are no longer taught in depth. They fell by the wayside to make room for Situational Ethics, Sex Education, and Condom Installation. Inappropriate priorities for the enlightened electorate our founding fathers depended upon to keep America strong. --- William Fortner 2000 ---

Thursday, May 8, 2008


There are wondrous dimensions in the cosmos where a man cannot go but that a woman take him. -- William Fortner 2001 --


Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" is in the same category as a flea screwing an elephant and the flea thinking the elephant feels it.---William Fortner 2007 ---

Elected Fiscal Anarchy

Congress is an elected fiscal anarchy that creatively robs the electorate to maintain individual power by giving lavishly to lobbyists and special interests while casting crumbs in the form of earmarks to the blissfully ignorant electorate. ---William Fortner 2008---

Ecological Disaster

Al Gore is predicting disaster a hundred years out ... pretty safe predicting if you ask me. I would be happy if he could tell me if it was going to rain in the next 96 hours. I'll bet neither he nor any of his "experts" can do that. --- William Fortner 2006 ---

Earned Income Credit

Earned Income Credit ... An interesting concept where those who pay no income taxes at all get up to a $7,000 "refund." It is amazing that they, many of whom have low aspirations and did not fully avail themselves of the free education and subsidized higher education opportunities available to them, are judged by Congress as more qualified to spend the hard earned wages of those who did. -- William Fortner 2001 --

Duty, Honor, Country

Duty! Honor! Country! These stirring words of self sacrifice echo in the halls and hearts of our defenders. What stirring words echo in the hearts and halls of Congress where truth is commonly sacrificed for power, duty subservient to self, honor a rare virtue and country comes after reelection, if at all?--- William Fortner 2007 ---

Doomsday Weapon

Welfare and long term aid are doomsday weapons that have torn asunder families, destroyed nations and the character, honor and morality of men. --- William Fortner 2007 ---

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Diapers On Bears

I'll believe that horses walking in the woods and fouling streams is a problem when I see the park service putting sneakers and diapers on the buffalo and bears in Yellowstone. As a matter of fact, I WOULD LIKE to seethat! :))) --William Fortner 2000--

Dependence On Government

Dependence on government is the politician's source of power. Independence destroys political power and relegates the politician to being a mere servant of the people. --- William Fortner 2006 ---

Democrat War On Funding

In view of the Democrat war on funding, perhaps all military personnel world wide should come home, dock the ships, park the planes, stack the weapons and go on welfare. Let Congress worry about defending the country with the illegal aliens they seem more than willing to fund.--- William Fortner 2007 ---

Democrat Vulnerabilities

The Democrats have two major vulnerabilities. They can't tell the truth and they can't survive where freedom is respected and protected by the electorate. --- William Fortner 2006 ---

Legal Desecration

If spray painting graffiti on the walls of the capitol, national monuments or other structural symbols of America is not considered free speech why is the cloth symbol of this nation which drapes the bodies of America's fallen, our honored dead, singled out for legal desecration?--- William Fortner 2008 ---

Too Many Rules

I was once told Christianity had too many rules. I don't think the problem was any vexation about rules, but fear of responsibility and accountability. Even one moral absolute is too many for some. --- William Fortner 2008 ---

Moral Obligation

You have a moral obligation to defend yourself, your family and your property. To fail in this duty is to give license to lawlessness and cultivate criminal behavior. --- William Fortner 2008 ---

Monday, May 5, 2008

Global Warming Terrors

Surge in fatal shark attacks blamed on global warming...

...Inexplicable rise in underwear skidmarks linked to global warming.

...Changes in booger consistency appears to be caused by global warming.

...Leftist departure from sanity proven to be effect of global warming.

...Legislative stupidity thought to follow the global warning pattern associated with the El Dingdong Effect.

...Experts say increases in male cross dressing and homosexual divorces are caused by global warming .

...Low sperm count and erection failure among liberals seen to be tied to global warming.

...Pelosi blames increase in earmarks and higher taxes on global warming...uh, and George Bush.

...Reid states improper land deals fault of global warming.

...Chicago mayor confirms the unique ability of local dead to continue to vote is a well known effect of global warming.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Democrat Position

To quickly determine the position of the Democrat Party on any issue one simply has to check the latest political opinion poll. To stay current, check often. --- William Fortner 2005 ---

Democrat Grit

Where will Democrats find the grit to wage a decades long fight against "global warming", a doubtful threat, when they cannot endure a short war against terrorism, a confirmed deadly threat to mankind? --- William Fortner 2006 ---

Dead Men Walking

When the conscience is dead, the man is dead, and those who prey upon their fellow man are all dead men walking.--- William Fortner 2005 ---

Dan Rather

It would be infinitely easier for Marilyn Chambers to regain her virginity than for Dan Rather to regain his veracity. --- William Fortner 2005 ---


The MSM is available to the highest bidder and patriotism is not a recognized currency. --- William Fortner 2006 ---


Allah must not be much of a god if he has to rely on the likes of Hamas, Hezbollah and assorted cutthroats and masked cowards to defend his honor. --- William Fortner 2006 ---

Cruel and Unusual

Far too many punishments have become "cruel" or "unusual" simply from disuse. A drug induced sleep does not recompense brutal murder. Perhaps the death penalty does not deter crime simply because it is neither painful enough for long enough nor publicized enough among the criminal element.--- William Fortner 2007 ---

Friday, May 2, 2008

Critical Junctures

Every country has periodic critical junctures that determines continued rise or the beginnings of decline. America has not been the same since we let people kill their unborn and disrespect the flag. ---William Fortner 2007---

Criminal Rights

Ah, America! The only country on the face of the earth where criminals have rights and no responsibilities while their victims have responsibilities and no rights. -- Bill Fortner 2001 --

Crime While black

After listening to House Democrat Danny Davis, I presume racial equality will be reached when blacks are no longer held accountable for breaking the law. Murdering while black, raping while black, assault and battery while black, mugging while black, burglarizing while black, grand theft auto while black as well as careless driving while black will no longer be recognized crimes. --- William Fortner 2007 ---

Covered Faces

Muslim women cover their faces because they are forced to. Muslim men cover their faces like women because they are cowards. ---William Fortner 2006 ---

Contrary To Law

It is extremely serious when mayors invite the nation to kiss their behinds by decreeing they are going to run their cities contrary to national or state law and NO ONE is in jail with chaffed wrists.---William Fortner 2007 ---

Constant Drumbeat

Their shrill clamor and constant drumbeat for gun control indicates the Democrats fear the electorate because they are unsure the military will protect them. Considering their abysmally low opinion and grudging support of the armed forces, they may have cause to be uneasy. --- William Fortner 2007---

Constant Debasement

With the constant debasement by the media, I am surprised this country can still raise up selfless men and women willing to defend this country and our way of life to the death if need be. --- William Fortner 2005 ---

Conservative Jews

Constantly forced to compromise their ideals and values to have a home, conservatives have become the Jews of the Republican Party. Perhaps conservatism needs a new homeland of its own. --- William Fortner 2008 ---


Everything a person does has consequences, some good, some bad. How a person deals with those consequences is an essay on their character and a mirror of their soul.--- William Fortner 2006 ---

Congressional Pay

The problem with the legislative branch of government is they pay themselves too well to need a job.--- William Fortner 2007 ---