Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Honor Among Thieves

There is no honor among thieves and even less among many in Congress. Reelection, the thirst for power and the destruction of enemies are top priority. The people and the nation are dead last on the agenda, if they make the list at all.
---William Fortner 2008---

Democrats Fear Scrutiny

The reason it is impossible to get Democrats to investigate another Democrat seems to be that all of them have something to hide and they fear the scrutiny might accidentally shine light under their personal rock.
---William Fortner 2008---


A free press is necessary, an honest press is vital. Journalism is recording world events. Reporting new events is news. Manipulating the two to "shape world opinion" is propaganda.
--- William Fortner 2006 ---

Pork Free Diet

If Congress went on a pork free diet there would never be a problem with finding enough money to support constitutionally mandated requirements or a need to "grapple with finding funding" for military medical programs or defense needs.
--- William Fortner 2008 ---

Political Slavery

If a political party panders to a minority for its vote to the point of perceived dependence on that political party then that party "owns" them. How does this differ from slavery?
--- William Fortner 2007 ---

Political Hay

Political "hay" made during a war or a disaster isn't even good enough for the compost pile. It spoils honest rot.
--- William Fortner 2005 ---


Congratulations eco-thugs! You have single-handedly managed to begin the process of starving and destabilizing the remainder of the world by demanding ethanol. In the foreseeable future, the heavy demands on the resources of your goddess, Mother Gaia, will likely drop precipitously as entire nations succumb to starvation and food wars. That is the REAL reason you fought so hard for corn power isn't it? You couldn't have been so stupid or blind to the obvious fallout from your manipulation of a global staple could you? That you advocate all this misery for a product that costs more to make than it delivers in benefit typifies your hatred for humanity.

How do you rationally justify demanding 40 miles per gallon fuel economy then mandating the use of a fuel that cannot possibly provide that performance? Your last whim was a battery-powered car that presented significant pollution problems on both ends, manufacture and disposal. Yet you do not champion hydrogen, an abundant element that provides more power, burns clean and will meet world needs for the 5 billion year life remaining for our star and not impact on humanity.

You just really don't approve of human beings outside of your narrow point of view do you? Give away your eating utensils, destroy any internal combustion devices you own and turn off the power to your houses. You deserve none of these. You need to share immediately in the suffering you are causing.

William Fortner (Letter to the editor 5/2008)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Pelosi's Perqs

I understand from Fox yesterday that Nancy Pelosi uses military jets for her weekly trips home to California then back to Washington DC. Free. Not hitching a ride with a plane already going that way, no, private, for her. Free. However, recently she has requested a LARGER jet, so she can take family, friends, other legislators, etc. Free. No sharing a plane with her constituents, not coach, not even first class. On us, her own personal jet, free. I am curious what Constitutional law or congressional bill authorized that perk?

She’s really concerned about global warming, un huh…right. How many gallons of jet fuel are used in a cross-America trip twice a week for her personal use? Global warming my ass. I think this needs to be out in the public’s view. I also would like to figure the amount of fuel used, damage done, money spent and deduct it from her pay.

This is nothing short of theft by the leading member of the Imperial Socialist Democrat Party. “Power to the people…but more power and privilege to us.” Time for a letter writing campaign to our congress weasels to light a fire under their asses. I have already received one plea for campaign funds and know another is in the mill. I will not be inclined to donate until Pelosi walks or pays out of her pocket. Speaker of the House is not a royal title nor does it command special favors from the public trough in a republic. Chip in a buy her a broom.

William Fortner

Perqs and Power

Far too many in the House and Senate are arrogant moral and ethical deficients, interested solely in perqs and power for themselves rather than in what is best for America. King George made the same mistake.
--- William Fortner 2007 ---

People With A Rope

I find it incredibly stupid for liberals to bad-mouth, besmirch and belittle the armed forces since the military is the only organization that may stand between them and the people with a rope.
--- William Fortner 2007 ---

Liberal Schizophrenia

Liberal Schizophrenia: It is wrong for the Boy Scouts to PROHIBIT homosexual pedophiles access to young boys...it is also wrong for the Catholic Church to PERMIT homosexual pedophiles access to young boys.
--- William Fortner 2002 ---

Peaceful Nuclear Power

Tell me who, besides the UN, really believes that Iran, a country which is virtually awash, literally floating on a sea of oil, can honestly claim a requirement for fissionable material for "peaceful nuclear power plants?"
--- William Fortner 2004 ---

The Way of the Warrior Is Peace

The way of the warrior is peace. If warriors are allowed to fight until the terrorists are defeated and victory is achieved in Iraq, there will be peace there, otherwise, there will not be. Without victory, there can be no peace.
--- William Fortner 2004 ---

Wavering Congressional Stance

January 31, 2007

Senator ********,
I grow weary of the constant flip-flopping of the Democrats and some Republicans in name only regarding the American military presence in Iraq and Afghanistan.

That uncertainty emboldens our enemies and stresses our troops needlessly. No one wants to die for a predetermined lost cause. It is a travesty that the troops hear treasonous speeches by elected officials that go unchallenged and unpunished. I am disgusted by the politics before people, and party before principle attitude that prevails in politics today. In my judgment, few in the Senate or House are worthy to even breathe the air in the Capitol building. They are unwelcome in the homes of decent people and I would not open my door to them. Out of their mouths pours the garbage of lies and treason and there is no outrage, there is no outcry. If our government no longer has a conscience and is devoid of honor, then that is our end. The few good men we have are doing nothing.

I want you to initiate legislation to bring the troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as Germany, Holland, England, South Korea, Kosovo, Japan and every other place on the globe where Pax Americana exists. With the exception of Iraq and Iran, those countries have no need for us and have been sucking the American teat needlessly. We need those soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines here when the fight comes to our shores and come it will. There are over 600 people in congress, perhaps they can form a battalion and lead the charge against our enemy as they have done precious little to defeat the enemy elsewhere.

Senator, other than standing mute in the face of treason, I do not fault you for this mess. I know where you stand and I am encouraged, but I am afraid the foundation of this country is crumbling under the assault of self serving politicians.

William Fortner

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sudden Jihad Syndrome

Disarmed Great Britian seems to be suffering from a rash of what is called Sudden Jihad Syndrome where overwrought Muslims attack British subjects with a selection of lethal weapons and do severe bodily harm, even death. The only known cures for SJS is PPK Pacification, the Colt Cure All, the Mauser Message from Mohammud Therapy and the Smith and Wesson Permanent Sleep Remedy.
---William Fortner 2008---

UN America

The UN is the epitome of what happens when power is placed in the hands of self serving, arrogant, ignorant, inexperienced leaders. Will America become the UN in January 2009?
---William Fortner 2008---

Poster Child

Speaker Pelosi is the poster child for National Political Bad Examples although I am not at all
sure she is stonewalling much legislation as many think. That perpetually surprised, deer in
the headlights look is no put on. I believe she is too inept to do her job. She needs a nice long
rest at a sanitarium then some job training for something much less stressful.
---William Fortner 2008---

Peace And Prosperity

Peace, prosperity and good news does not sell papers or boost news ratings. To make money, the media constantly shouts fire when there is no smoke; truth, integrity and the national welfare be damned.
--- William Fortner 2006 ---

Paupers and Princes

The liberal left seems to be composed of people who would be happier if most Americans were paupers rather than princes and slaves than rather than freemen as long as THEIR lifestyles aren't questioned or THEIR standards of living aren't affected and THEY get to decide how the rest of us live.
--- William Fortner 2004 ---

Patriots Do Not

Only the selfish and self serving elect those who promise a free ride at someone else's expense. Patriots do not.
--- William Fortner 2007 ---

Commissioning Speech

Today, you enter a new and exciting phase of naval service. It is a phase not to be undertaken with arrogant abandon, but embraced with humility. The attachment of gold bars to your collar or gold lace to your sleeve does not imbue you with any special knowledge here-to-fore unknown by humanity, but you are decidedly different than your new fleet peers. The gold bars you will be wearing as a newly commissioned Limited Duty Officer are significantly heavier than those worn by fleet Ensigns. That is a privilege to be fiercely guarded. Do not speak without thought nor act without dignity for you are observed by seniors, peers and juniors alike who take your measure and decide upon your character and your professionalism. Learn to embrace that as it will follow you through the ranks as you advance. Your seniors will continue to listen a little closer to your words, your peers will often ask for advice and your subordinates will have more confidence in you than your fleet peers because you were one of them.

Always remember that, “I don’t know, but I will find out and get right back to you,” is a much better answer than some fairy tale that does not come true. Even in the face of withering disappointment by your superior, do not tell him or her what they want to hear. Tell them the truth as you know it. If something sounds like a bad idea, even though others do not think so, provide your opinion and your well thought out reasoning.

Take pride in your accomplishment as few are chosen to enter this brotherhood and you are among that number. I remember my commissioning and my buttons could scarcely contain my joy. I know you feel the same. I welcome you into a unique fraternity within an exclusive group that leads a host of warriors for that, above all, is what your are, a warrior. It is not your job to start wars, but it is your job to finish them.

You bring with you unique insight and abilities to accomplish your mission that others will not have. Immerse yourself in your new world and train yourself to become the beacon in the darkness and the font of knowledge that other Limited Duty Officers before you have been. You will know when you have arrived when the captain comes to your space and sits down to have a cup of coffee and talk.

I give you three thoughts to reflect upon:

1. Being a warrior is an honorable profession. David was a warrior and, with all his other faults, was still described as a man after God’s own heart.

2. You are never alone, even in the heat of battle. I would like to call your attention to Psalms 144 verses 1 and 2 which says in part; Blessed be the Lord my strength, which teaches my hands to war, and my fingers to fight: My goodness, and my fortress; my high tower, and my deliverer; my shield, and He in whom I trust;

3. You are not infallible. When your Master Chief says, “Boss, I wouldn’t do that shit if I were you.” Take time and reflect upon his words and don’t do that shit.

LCDR William S. Fortner, USN (Ret)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Patriotism Of The Left

I am told the patriotism of the left must not be questioned and rightly so. It is an exercise in futility to question liberals about a concept which occupies their lips, but not their heads or hearts.
---William Fortner 2008---

Patriotism Not An Elective

How can America hope to survive as a nation when patriotism is not even an elective at many schools?
--- William Fortner 2007 ---

Patrick Henry

American patriot Patrick Henry said, "Give me liberty or give me death." Muhammad says you have a choice between Islam or death.
--- William Fortner 2006 ---


"I think myself that we have more machinery of government than is necessary, too many parasites living on the labour of the industrious." Thomas Jefferson, 1812

Paralized With Angst

In times of great national danger, the wise search for solutions and take decisive action; the unwise get in touch with their feelings and tremble, paralyzed with angst.
--- William Fortner 2007 ---

Paradise Lost

I have come to know that there are some places in this world that should remain exclusive home to the native peoples with tourists permitted to visit for short periods, but not allowed to stay. It is too late for Hawaii. I weep for a paradise lost.
--- William Fortner 2005 ---

Bad Legislation

April 19, 2007

Congressman *******,
I would appreciate it if you would vote NO on H.R. 984. I cannot conceive of a worse piece of legislation that has the potential to cut off communication with the Executive Branch. H.R. 984 would be acceptable ONLY if it also applies to the Legislative Branch and the Judicial Branch as well.

“Congress should make no law and exempt itself from that law.” I want you to oppose any and every bill that Congress proposes that exempts itself from compliance in any way, shape or form.

H.R. 808, The Department of Peace and Non-Violence Act” is the biggest crock of horse manure I have ever read. Outside of the Military Code of Conduct, I can’t think of any useful “values” not based on some religious code. I want you to vote NO on this one too. Spend the money saved on the military. Non-violence in this day and age is the first step to becoming a Muslim or fertilizer.

William S. Fortner

Monday, July 14, 2008

Broken Federal Laws

Within the last year, several members of the House and Senate have broken serious federal laws. They believe their position and political party places them above the law and they are not obliged to obey and rightly so since they have not been held accountable. Since the administration has not required Congress comply with federal statutes, how can it require it of us?
---William Fortner 2008---

Shadow Organization

While I am concerned about an incompetent being elected president, I am more concerned about the agenda of the shadow organization that bought the election.
---William Fortner 2008---


I have finally reached the age where women no longer have to worry about me trying to get into their pants...I can scarcely get into my own!
--- William Fortner 2006 ---

Palestinian Global Welfare

The Palestinians have been on global welfare from the start and have never had to produce anything but hate and discontent. Shut off the free dollars and let them have to work to eat and they won't have near as much time to strut the streets with rags over their faces toting AK 47s. Just my opinion.
--- William Fortner 2007 ---

Own Boss

Many people who insist on being their own boss are appalled to discover that their only employee is incredibly stupid.
---William Fortner 2001 ---


Osama bin Laden is Islam's answer to Jim Jones without Jones' conviction and courage. He cravenly and assiduously avoids the pain and death associated with the poison he feeds others.
---William Fortner 2001 ---

The Stars and Stripes, A symbol of Honor

When hippies burned the first American flag with total impunity America was dealt a mortal wound. From that time forward, America ceased to be an ideal and became just a place.

As a young man, I remember when unserviceable American flags were sent for a proper disposal by burning. These burnings were a direct reflection of the esteem and honor in which the American flag was held. Today, the flag is little more than a bit of colored cloth with little meaning. It no longer has a connection with the heart and the soul it once did among most people. That is sad, but understandable. You can find the flag on the backsides of sloppily dressed, ill mannered youths, made into bathing suits for cutesy teens, wrapped around greasy heads as "do rags", made into ties for bogus patriots and adorning all manner of other inappropriate items. These items do not identify the wearer, owner or user as a patriot, but as an ill informed, insensitive ass.

The American flag is not a fashion statement, a nifty paint job or an advertising gimmick. It is the symbol of a country that has defended freedom on it's own soil and restored freedom to dozens of other countries at a cost in blood and treasure unrivaled in history. That alone should garner immense respect for the Stars and Stripes. The fact that it covers the bodies of our honored dead should penetrate even the most addled brain of the most uncouth lout with the message that the American flag stands for and deserves honor.

The Supreme Court was wrong in its decision that burning the American flag was covered under the First Amendment as being free speech. I cannot forgive the congregation of catatonic old coots who reached that nadir of juris prudence. Thus snot-nosed, acid-dropping ingrates were given license to desecrate the symbol of a great country they were not fit to serve. Free of restraint and adult supervision, the sons and daughters of the 60s and 70s grew up with little respect for anything, the rights of others, the opinions of others, the feelings of others, even their own bodies and minds.

In looking back on the 60s and 70s, I find no honor in those that acted so callously and disrespectfully and tried to attach nobility to cowardly self preservation. History has shown that many grew up to be men and women bereft of character, devoid of conscience, destitute of integrity, and slaves to their basest desires. Those people, those flower children with not even the most tentative grasp on reality permeate the bureaucracy and sit in the House and Senate today. We are reaping the rotten fruit of amorality, disrespect and dishonor they sowed and the rest of us ignored. It is a bitter harvest indeed.

Bill Fortner

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Bitter Harvest

When hippies burned the first American flag with total impunity America was dealt a mortal wound. From that time forward, America ceased to be an ideal and became just a place. Those hippies permeate the bureaucracy and sit in the House and Senate today. We are reaping the rotten fruit of amorality, disrespect and dishonor they sowed and we ignored. It is a bitter harvest indeed.
---William Fortner 2008---

Approval Ratings

President Bush's approval ratings are in the mid 20 percentile and many in Congress clamor for impeachment. The approval rating for Congress is 9%, why are they still there to clamor?
---William Fortner 2008---

Mullah of the Multitudes

Barak is likely to become the first half-American to be president because Americans have become too lazy to check his record, too stupid to think for themselves and too comfortable to be bothered. That will end when Obama, true to his word, sides with the Muslims and becomes Mullah of the Multitudes and the Imam of America.
---William Fortner 2008---

Shadow Organization

While I am concerned about an incompetent being elected president, I am more concerned about the agenda of the shadow organization that bought the election.
---William Fortner 2008---

Please Americans

America cannot please everybody. Actually, America should not try to please ANYBODY but Americans.
--- William Fortner 2007 ---

Plantation Slaves

In earlier times, plantation slaves were given just enough to keep them alive, productive and protected from the elements. The modern plantation owner (Democrat politician) promises much through his overseers (the Jacksons and Sharptons), but delivers only the minimum necessary to get their votes.
--- William Fortner 2004 ---

On Second Thought...

On Second Thought...

I now believe a part of the mainstream media finally got it. I applaud the owners and management of ABC NEWS for forbidding its talking heads to wear an American Flag lapel pin just weeks after 9/11. It appears that politicians have become more astute as well. I notice that Obama and Clinton didn't wear flag lapel pins during at least one recent debate. Good on them. They have not displayed any of the character traits and values that made America great and are therefore unworthy to display the American Flag lapel pin or any other patriotic device.

I do not believe video broadcast personnel or most politicians have served the public in a manner that would make them worthy of wearing or displaying the American Flag in any manner whatsoever. Wearing the American flag connotes a public declaration of the personal recognition and adoption of certain self evident truths, patriotic ideals, love of country and support of the Constitution and those who defend it on the battlefield. News organizations and most politicians have not done any of these things in my opinion. Quite the contrary, they have taken positions that are the antithesis of everything America stands for. Not only should TV news personnel be forbidden to wear the American Flag lapel pin, they should not be permitted to display the American Flag at all as a backdrop to their commercial news programming and they should be shunned by American society for thumbing their noses at this country. They have proven themselves unworthy to fairly and honestly use public broadcast frequencies. That privilege should be forfeit and given to others better able to serve public needs.

In addition, a politician may chose not to wear a flag lapel pin, but a politician who does not render the appropriate and customary honors to the American Flag or the National Anthem brings into question a lot more than patriotism. It brings into question the matter of allegiance. Lofty words that express patriotism, love of country and the unwavering support of American institutions are belied by unpatriotic actions and unconvincing excuses for them. Proven liars as well as closet racists should never be considered as candidates for protector of the people, defender of the nation and keeper of the keys to the kingdom.

Bill Fortner

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Pinwheel Politics

Barak Obama promised change and he has delivered on that promise. "Pinwheel" Obama has changed position on every political issue almost daily, sometimes two and three times daily, as he rapidly spins his position to suit his audience.
---William Fortner 2008---

Older Women

As the years race by, I am constantly astonished at how beautiful and utterly radiant older women have become.
--- William Fortner 2005 ---

Oil Profits

Oil profits are up. The liberals and socialists are whining about it. The American way is to invest in it.
--- William Fortner 2005 ---

Occupational Hazard

Personally, I think a person committing a crime is a criminal, not a victim of society, and a criminal who is wounded, killed or suffers a severe ass whuppin' while in the commission of a crime should have no legal recourse as that should be considered an occupational hazard.
--- William Fortner 2004 ---


Those Americans who separate the rights of freedom from the responsibilities and sacrifices that freedom often requires are obscene.
--- William Fortner 2007 ---

Monday, July 7, 2008


Mike Wallace said he would not warn American troops of an impending ambush to protect his "objectivity." I think he should be invited, no compelled, to go into Afghanistan with American troops ... who would be advised not to warn him if they see a Taliban militiman draw a bead on him or he is walking toward a landmine field ... just to protect his objectivity of course.
---William Fortner 2001 ---


Big government: To some politicians an ego trip, to some civil servants a paid vacation, to socialists and liberals a doting parent, to conservatives a nuisance.
--- William Fortner 2006 ---

Friday, July 4, 2008

North and South Poles

During most of the Earth's history, the North and South Poles have been free of ice. I wonder who was driving internal combustion cars and trucks and running the coal fired factories and utility companies back then?
---William Fortner 2004 ---

Non Binding Resolutions

“Non binding resolutions” accomplish nothing useful and are a waste of time. The public teat should not be sucked by wastrels. The participants of this last exercise in futility should have their pay docked.
--- William Fortner 2007 ---

Next War

Since the liberal ACLU, Democrats and MSM have gone to such incredible lengths to lose the war in Iraq, the American people should insist they fight the next war while the military critiques their performance.
--- William Fortner 2006 ---

No Longer Young

You are old only when you no longer want to be young.
--- William Fortner 2005 ---


"News" IS NOT a public service and has not been such since the 60s. News IS a business and, sadly, a business that has demonstrated a willingness to do whatever necessary to show a profit and to preserve and prolong itself even if that requires dishonesty.
---William Fortner 2005 ---

New Orleans

I think Congress should reconvene in New Orleans and turn off the pumps. The useless hot air from most democrats and some republicans would dry out the city in a couple of days, turn the Mississippi into a trickle, and Lake Ponchartrain into a desert.
--- William Fortner 2005 ---

New Deal From A Fresh Deck

The current congress has proven itself neither mature enough nor wise enough to govern this nation. Neither was the last. Professional politicians perpetually in office are bought and sold like slaves in the market. I want them ALL sent packing and a new deal from a fresh deck.
--- William Fortner 2007 ---

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What They Deserve

Those who vote for Obama will get exactly what they deserve should he win. Unfortunately, the rest of us will get far less.
---William Fortner 2008---

Patriotism of the Left

I am told the patriotism of the left must not be questioned and rightly so. It is an exercise in futility to question liberals about a concept which occupies their lips, but not their heads or hearts.
---William Fortner 2008---

Energy Independence

For decades, Democrats have been too busy obsessed with Nixon, then trying to nail Reagan, then Bush, covering Clinton's backside and, finally, trying to torpedo Bush II. There just hasn't been time for the unimportant matters of national security and energy independence.
---William Fortner 2008---

Nefarious Careers

In view of the recent Supreme Court ruling on firearms, criminals should note that their nefarious careers may be cut short on the spot rendering a trial with a prison vacation no longer possible.
---William Fortner 2008---

Mainstream Media Patriotism

The new found patriotism of the mainstream media ended before the dust of the World Trade Center collapse had completely settled.
--- William Fortner 2006 ---


As it stands, the Senate Immigration Bill will also give amnesty and a path to citizenship for 30,000 M-13 gang members illegally in this country. How comforting to know that politicians intend to legalize this vital reservoir of Mexican criminals to do the crimes American criminals won't do.
--- William Fortner 2007 ---

Low Expectations

Congress should not take pride in being elected "by the people" as the people have such low expectations and esteem for them that few in the electorate would willingly associate with them were it not for the graft and favors.
--- William Fortner 2007 ---