Thursday, May 5, 2011

Osama Dead!!!...Dead???

Well, maybe not quite yet, but it is inevitable. No pictures so far that aren’t faked....hmmmmmmmm. Countless conflicting stories of how Osama was killed...hmmmmmmmmm. A 25 minute blackout of information during the raid (that room full of people were watching a blank screen and posing for a photo op)...hmmmmmmm. I am curious. SEALS don’t normally “execute” anyone. They do snatch and grab. Even the CIA doesn’t do assassinations anymore. Somehow, it doesn't seem logical that the single most important and complete source of information and intelligence about Al Qaeda would be summarily shot without interrogation? I think the SEALS got the right man and I think OBL will live until every single shred of information has been wrung from him. Then he will sleep with the fishes since he is already “dead” and can’t be logically “resurrected”. I think all we have seen is smoke and mirrors regarding his “death”. If the CIA is smart, that is all we have seen and will ever see.

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