Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Need More "Change"?

I am heartsick at the direction this country is taking under democrat manipulation and I sincerely fear it is headed for rebellion. Many are weary of one-sided democrat justice, tired of democrat undermining the effort in Iraq, sick of democrat lawlessness in office and have a belly full of “Press 1 for English. I do not wish to see such a terrible calamity befall this nation as I think it is what our national enemies are waiting for and may have a hand in engineering. I feel the coming election may provide the spark. I think few, if any, have their fingers on the pulse of the nation. If they do, they don’t seem to care. Food prices are skyrocketing, the price of gasoline is getting out of reach, retirement accounts are evaporating while the economy implodes. It wasn't like that 2 years ago when the democrats took control of the House and Senate. I don't think America can or will stand for much more "change" from the democrats.

I also cannot believe that, out of 300,000,000 people, these darlings of the media are the best America can offer. I don’t think the American people had as much of a part in selecting them as did biased reporting and shady manipulations of election methods. I would rather run through Hell wearing napalm knickers than vote for any of them. Many feel the same way. The RNC could do no better than Sen. McCain?

To the democrat controlled Congress I can only say, “What are you thinking?”

When I became a military officer, I swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and to obey the orders of those appointed over me, so help me God. At retirement, there was no longer anyone appointed over me, but my solemn oath to support and defend the Constitution still stands and I take that oath very seriously. All of us who took it do, except for many of you in Congress.

Nowhere in my oath did I agree to support and defend Congress or any administration acting unconstitutionally. I have read in agonizing detail and understand with crystal clarity the Constitution of the United States. It is not a complicated document. Congress should have taken note and studied up. It is essential for the job, but constitutional ignorance is apparent every time you open your mouths. Because the Constitution was ignored, Congress is way off the reservation and on the verge of becoming a domestic enemy itself. The House and the Senate act like children pushing the limit to see how far they can go. Does Congress really want a national spanking?

Does the administration consider itself immune from redress to the electorate for not insisting that Congress adhere to the Constitution? Does the House and Senate believe they are a great and invincible power? Great Britain, too, considered itself a great and invincible power. Great Britain got its arrogant ass handed to it at Yorktown, VA by a poorly armed, starving, rag tag army with little understanding of warfare. Veterans and military retirees are neither rag tag, ignorant of warfare nor defenseless and they are legion. They also have a sworn obligation. Remember that.

Politicians should reconsider careless spending that no stretch of the imagination can consider constitutional. It is illegal vote buying with public funds to maintain your hold on power. Congressional feather merchants and the congressional leadership who manipulate rules and regulations to deny due process for legislation are asking for an opportunity to learn another skill in a federally supervised facility at no cost to themselves should this nation decide enough is enough. Congress serves at our pleasure. We are not happy.

Many in the Capitol seem to think the rest of the nation are the “little people” and an unnecessary irritant. That is haughty thinking at best. Much of the Washington elite also seem to think military forces are obliged to blindly follow their orders, lawful or not, to protect them. That is an unhealthy notion. The last time Americans fired on Americans was in the Civil War. Between 600,000 and 700,000 Americans died then, far more than in all other wars combined in which America has fought. It was a sad chapter in American history, so sad in fact, that I don't think it will ever be repeated. Keep that in mind.

Congress should not believe malfeasance, misfeasance and criminal activity in office will be defended by troops fighting American civilians. The standing forces understand right and wrong and patriotism, concepts that seem to escape the great legislators who will not even obey the laws they enact.

Every branch of the government has checks and balances, but few realize that, ultimately, with just provocation, the greatest check and balance are those who have agreed to die for this country if need be and bear the scars of foreign battlefields. Rome, too, had a volunteer army under civilian control, yet that army sold the Roman Empire at auction in 193 CE to one Didius Julianus. Think about the precedent. What happened to the deposed Emperor and Didius Julianus, who also proved incompetent, should be a sobering thought for every politician.

This is by no means a call for revolution or armed revolt or is it to be construed a threat of any kind. It is a warning to those who would betray this country and its people for personal or partisan political gain by misusing their taxes, blocking legislation in which they have demonstrated great interest and riding roughshod over their declared wishes. By so doing, Congress is arousing a grumpy pack of sleeping bears who never liked it anyway. They are great in numbers, extremely cunning and are a force to reckon with that is far, far greater than Congress can imagine. Do not expect military protection if they come to hold you accountable.

Consider instead how to answer a tribunal for your actions. How will Congress explain enacting laws without basis in the Constitution? What excuse is valid for refusing to act on legislation that would bind Congress to enacting constitutional laws? That such legislation is needed is indicative of unfitness to serve; that Congress will not allow it to come to a vote is damning. What silvery words will justify breaking the laws you do make? What legal precedent removes Congressional responsibility to charge party peers when they blatantly break the law as many have? There seems to be no trouble inventing things with which to charge those across the aisle. How will the Democrat Congress justify one law for governors and one for the governed…or for one party over another? What amulet will shield it for permitting an invasion of more than 12,000,000 foreigners into this country and doing nothing to repel the invaders? By what rationale did Congress give these invaders rights and benefits of citizens? What talisman will protect Democrats from their demonstrated effort to destroy the security of America? The record of treason is as thick as it is black. What pressing national problem have Democrats solved in the last 60 years? I can think of none that haven’t been made worse. You have been in charge. You are responsible for every unsolved problem this nation has endured for decades. You better have answers.

The angst in the heartland is rising. The old bears are starting to awaken and they are irritable. My recommendation to those in all branches of the government is to reacquaint yourselves with the Constitution of the United States and make the Federalist Papers mandatory reading. Let those founding documents be your guide. To those who think this beneath their dignity or cramps their style, I recommend getting the hell out of Dodge and retiring to a non-extradition country and pray the bears sniff the air, sense you are gone and doze off again. If they fully awaken, they will find you.

You know, in every group there is always one jackass who wrecks the gravy train for everybody else, but this is the first time I have seen nearly as many jackasses as there are House and Senate seats; a sad commentary indeed.

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