Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Clear and Present Danger

Only Stalin in his heyday, could have amassed so great a legion of liars, misfits, perverts, frauds, thieves, thugs and Marxists as Obama has installed in his shadow government and imbued with great power out of reach of congressional control. This man is clearly unsuited for the presidency and almost certainly despises, to his very core, everything America stands for. His continued occupancy of the White House is a travesty as well as a demonstrably clear and present danger to the Constitution and the freedom of the people.
---William Fortner 2009---


Anonymous said...

Bill I agree with you on all of the above and more. Now that all of these issues are nondebatable facts, I think we need to steer our attention to the question of "How did he get to the Presidency"? This is a huge concern for me. Did ACORN swing it all with 400,000, and who knows how many more from voter fraud.
I've been told that we also cant trust the electronic voting machine.
Just my thoughts.
I like and agree with most all of your postings. Only one thing though; they should be posted on billboards :)
Have a good day,

Anonymous said...

Your pastor's son is a graduate of Yale Div School and voted if not campaigned for Obama.
Matthew is a Christian.
Maybe you should have a conversation with him and some of his other brothers about what you have just said in this blog.
Invite Bishop Willimon.

LCDR William S. Fortner, USN (RET). said...

The politics of my pastor and his family is their business. Matthew's choice of colleges is not germaine to this issue. My politics are my business. I do not require the support of anyone to prop up my views as you seem to require. Quit using someone else's mouth and try original thinking for a change. It may become a habit.