Friday, November 13, 2009


I wonder if the administration's "dithering" over higher troop levels in Afghanistan is because the administration fears the troops will be needed here to protect the administration if extremists like the American electorate, right to life adherents, Christians, veterans, climate change scoffers, and those opposed to government involvement in health care and industry attempt to take over the government by vote during the next election and put an end the administration's race to Socialism.
---William Fortner 2009---

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Cathy said...

"au contraire", that is if everything here is still in tack for the next election,
judging by the recent "Jihad" at Ft.Hood and the military's non- response, and the ones that are probably to come, there wont be another election. Life in the United States will never be the same, except we repent and God intervenes. But yet, God is in control.