Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I Am Ashamed

27 January 2008

Dear Senator ******,

I am so mad I could drink kerosene and pee napalm. The RNC did little if anything to support those with solid conservative values in the primaries and Republican incumbents did their best to ”out worst” the Democrats at dealing pork. I am ashamed of Republicans and the RNC.

Earmarks are killing this country. It has resulted in perennial politicians who guarantee their reelection with votes paid for by money stolen from the public purse. These feather merchants do little more than make noise and make citizens even more dependent on government. It has got to end.

I have heard the porkers squeal that earmarks are legal. That may be. Farting in church is legal too, but decent people don’t do it except in an emergency. Many in public office today are abusing the earmark privilege and few seem to care. I think the Senate and House rules need a change. No more phantom “riders” and no more earmarks. If a rider does not directly relate to the main bill, it needs to be stripped from the bill. If an item cannot stand up to public scrutiny and the drafter cannot successfully defend his reasoning for the money, then it is not a valid need. Likely it is not constitutional either. I have nothing but contempt for those who earmark themselves into another term, but cannot find enough money to take care of our veterans or properly fund the military that is taking the fight to the enemy to keep it off our soil. Putting Jeff Flake on the Appropriations Committee would stop some of the most egregious abuse as well as slow down the normal petty theft.

Politics seems a game much like football to the national committees. I do not consider governing America a game and the “gridiron” rah rah, yea team, deal with the devil to win attitude nauseates me. “He/she is a Republican, therefore, we have to stand behind them,” doesn’t cut it anymore. If a Republican votes relatively consistently with the opposition or votes with the opposition on key Republican issues, I think RNC funds should stop and that person be asked to change affiliations. It does us no good to continue to countenance disloyalty. Let the Democrats worry about how they are going to vote.

Since no conservatives appear on the ballot this year, I regret I must sit out the primary and the November elections. The quality isn’t there and I can’t hold my nose that tightly. I am sorry, but I consider the right to vote sacred and my vote worthy. I will not cast it for the unworthy. Perhaps Hillary will bring the silverware back when she returns to the White House in 2009. Maybe she can be kept from taking it home with her again in 2013 provided we can find a worthy statesman with bedrock, unchanging values and big enough hairy ones to have her locked up if she does. I am sick to death of let’s-get-along dreamers and wet-finger wimps.

William Fortner

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