Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Mere Appearance of Wrongdoing.

1 August 2007

Dear Representative ********,
I could chew nails and spit rust! Does the Justice Department, thus the FBI, work for and answer to the President and the administration or not? I am so sick of Democrats getting passes or wrist slaps for criminal activity and rubbing the nation’s nose in it that I could just crap and fall back in it.

Please be so kind as to tell me why the names Reid, Feinstein and Pelosi are not on the list of those being investigated? Are they above investigation? Is their power or position such that they have immunity from the law?

It appears Reid has been involved in similar land deals for which one Republican is now serving time. Harry Reid has not been forthcoming with convincing or adequate explanations regarding that issue in my opinion. As Teddy Kennedy says, the mere appearance of wrongdoing MUST be investigated.

It is a no brainer that Feinstein should be investigated for malfeasance in regards to her MilCon shenanigans packing public funds into her husband's companies. The stink from that episode is so odious that it rips the hair from my nostrils. Exactly, Congressman, when will the investigation into Feinstein by the Justice Department begin? Certainly, the mere appearance of wrongdoing MUST be investigated.

Pelosi publicly violated the Logan Act…publicly on national TV. There is no question of guilt! Why does she not have chaffed wrists and a cute orange jumpsuit? She not only broke a serious law, she did it to embarrass this nation and its elected administration, the duty of which is to make foreign policy. Pelosi was not empowered to make any promises or discuss American issues with a foreign despot. When can Americans expect to see Congress strip her of the office she abused and refuse to seat her? When will this happen? Again, the mere appearance of wrongdoing MUST be investigated.

What the plue perfect hell is going on in Washington? Why are these people not indicted or at least being investigated? Is justice blind or is “justice” merely a Democrat attack dog used to shred the reputations of innocent Republicans? Why in the hell was Scooter Libby indicted for saying something about a NON CRIME and Fitzgerald is not in jail for abusing his office since he knew there was never any crime to begin with? He wasted public funds knowing there was no crime. That is malfeasance in office at best and fraud at worst and both ARE a crime. The mere appearance of wrongdoing MUST be investigated.

The Pledge of Allegiance does not say, "One nation, under God, with a get out of jail free card for Democrats and constant investigation for whichever Republicans Democrats choose to screw next."

Do you really think the American people are going to tolerate this much longer? The Republican Party is down on campaign funds and donations are down to a trickle already. No one thinks the Republicans have any backbone. If the Republican Party wants to get donations, win the Presidency and make gains in the House and Senate then they must grow some testicles and make justice a two-way street. Republicans don’t have any credibility while the Democrats are taking a daily whiz on their shoes.

I await your answer most anxiously.

Yours truly,
William S. Fortner

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