Sunday, September 21, 2008

Letter To The Editor

Colorado and New Mexico burned last year and California this year. I think it is time to gather up and place on the leading edge of the fire lines the eco-idiots and legislators that demanded, supported, and pushed through the incredibly naive environmental laws that prevented the removal of dead wood and banned controlled burns to clear underbrush from forests. It is they who made this latest disaster possible. They should be given the opportunity to experience first hand the pain and suffering their feel good legislation has caused. They must learn that the Jurassic is long over and mindless dinosaurs are no longer king no matter how cutesy Hollywood makes reviving that age appear. This is the age of man and man must wisely manage all natural resources. Making it possible for millions of acres to burn uncontrollably with the resultant pollution and the loss of valuable property, natural resources and life, both human and animal, is not wise. It is criminal.

William Fortner

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