Friday, September 19, 2008

Do Not Call List

I have been victimized by a persistent telemarketer and the Do Not Call statute has proven woefully inadequate to prevent it. The statute, as written, apparently targets idiots. It does absolutely nothing to stop persistent calls from dishonest businesses or illegal phishing expeditions by criminals.

Professional criminals are not so stupid as to provide a victim with a legitimate phone number or company name when asked. The originating number does not appear on call screening devices. My telephone company, TDS Telcom, will not provide me phone records, actually a single number, from MY OWN TELEPHONE ACCOUNT WITHOUT A SUBPOENA. Now, how can the Do Not Call List be effective against criminals? For me it is just an industry protected government cash cow that collects fines from the idiots, but avoids the hard cases requiring investigative work. To put the onus on the victim to investigate a violation without the power to get the required information is ludicrous. Did the writers of the original legislation think scofflaws would line up in droves and take numbers to pay $11,000.00 fines?

The telecommunications industry must be required by law to provide complete information on demand to the victimized subscriber for illegal incoming calls on his or her private telephone line. That information must be the actual phone number and account information and not just “unlisted, private or blocked”. If my privacy has been invaded by some criminal, I see no reason why that criminal should enjoy the privacy to continue illegal activities.

I await your responses detailing remedial action to fix this oversight in the Do No Call Registry.


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