Saturday, September 6, 2008

No Excuse for Sorry Leadership.

I refuse to give Democrats or Republicans an inch. Just because the current crop is the sorriest example America has to offer in decades does not mean we should just say, “Oh well they are Democrats (or Republicans), what do you expect?” I expect every (expletive deleted) in the House, the Senate, and the administration to be honest, honorable, faithful and, above all, statesmen. I do not expect ANY to lie, cheat, steal or abuse the authority and trust given them in any way. I will not tolerate it. I expect them to abide by the letter and spirit of the law and enforce it.

They have taken a serious oath that by its very nature and wording excludes partisanship. Those who cannot abide by the oath they took must be recalled or not reelected. They are not honorable enough to serve. The American people DO NOT have to live with third world leadership. Those we elect must listen and they must do what the majority of us reasonably demand or we are OBLIGATED to ensure they look for other employment. A government that ignores its electorate is by definition a tyranny. Those that govern ignore the reasonable will of the people at their peril. King George made that mistake once. The result was the American Revolution.

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