Monday, March 15, 2010

By Our Own Hands

I never cease to be amazed that Americans are forbidden to publicly call upon the name of the God to whom the founders of this nation called upon with great frequency and humility for guidance and support in creating and sustaining this once great nation. How is it this very same God to whom we readily and publicly bent our knees in national supplication and who saw us safely through countless disasters and wars up to and including 9/11 is now somehow not welcome by government in any public forum? I fail to see the logic, legislative wisdom or juris prudence that permits and protects the utterance of the most egregious filth in public, but prohibits prayer in any form in that same venue. The term “consenting adults” was the lever used by the self indulgent to pry open the door to every kind of outlandish, perverted and destructive public behavior imaginable. How is it then that the only behavior apparently denied consenting adults is public prayer?

I note with utter disgust that those who would eliminate all reference to the Christian God for the sake of political correctness, readily bestow upon Islam essentially a “most favored religion status” in the name of diversity, thus granting Muslims marque to proselytize, without any real fear of retribution, by any and all means including deceit, terror, torture and murder, anywhere on the face of the earth they choose. Christians, however, may not even mention the name of their God in the public square in their own country for fear of the grievous harm it may do. How utterly absurd.

I cannot think of any nation in history that has experienced any trouble destroying itself. If it takes a disaster to remove the scales from our eyes, bend our knees and soften our stiff necks, then a disaster we shall get, wrought by our very own hands and not the hands of God.
---William Fortner 2010---

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