Friday, March 12, 2010

It Matters Little

We have been dragged a long way in the wrong direction away from our fundamental, historical values. God gave the Israelites the Promised land, but they had to fight to get it and hold it. When they stopped fighting for it, they lost it. The average American is becoming complacent, taking freedom for granted, and we are losing our promised land. If this slide, now headlong race, into destruction is not stopped, our country and way of life is doomed. Out of necessity, every home will have to become a fortress and every community an armed camp to defend against the wards of the government who have not learned personal responsibility, have neither family nor moral values, have no work ethic, have not bothered to avail themselves of a free education and have no interest in self reliance or taking care of themselves. Having been given entitlement to the fruits of the labor of others, they will inevitably endeavor to take by force what they perceive as theirs by right when the government can no longer provide it. Once a slave, always a slave, whether to Massa's plantation, the government plantation or to one's basest instincts. It matters little in the end.
---William Fortner 2010---

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