Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Very Last Words...

The absolute very last words I want to hear coming from the mouth of a Republican or Independent federal representative after November is, "We need to put all this past 'unpleasantness' behind us and get on with the business of mending the country." Well, just BS, in the highest mound possible.

The single most important reason that resulted in the severing of the colonial bonds with England by decree and the foundation of this country by force of arms was justice!! It was unjust to tax the colonies differently; it was unjust to deny them a voice in Parliament: and it was unjust to treat the people of the colonies as less than equals with the British population in general.

What America needs most after the November elections is justice, Justice, JUSTICE, by the carload, the truckload, the trainload and the shipload. Democrats, liberals and Marxists will howl "revenge", but they will be wrong. Their minds can neither embrace nor understand the concept of justice because it runs contrary to their horribly flawed idea of fair which, in itself, condones, no, demands, treating people unfairly. A society cannot survive on anything but justice. Justice is dispassionate and can be written down, codified and enforced. "Fairness" is an emotional response and is a rudderless ship on a storm tossed sea with a compass that swings independent of any true reference. Fairness can no more be codified or enforced than the term happy because its meaning is emotional, varies due to situation changes and is not the same to all people.

A government that has run rough shod over the Constitution, that has treated Americans unequally, that has misspent tax dollars to remain in power, that has garnered support for unwanted legislation by unethical methods, that has nationalized large sections of private enterprise, that has refused to account to the people for billions of tax dollars literally given to major banks and lending institutions, that has refused to investigate known violations of ethics and statue in Fannie Mae and Fredie Mac, that caters to private interests at the expense of public interests, that has given succor and support to our enemies and, in general, that has operated in violation of federal RICO statutes must be brought to justice, from the greatest to the least among its members. The country needs it, the people demand it and they will get it; it only remains to be seen whether the acquisition will be bloodless or not. The one thing justice WILL NOT any longer be is denied. This country CAN NOT heal without it.

After the grand juries and trials, congress needs to be about the business of reviewing every single statute on the books and repealing every single one that does not have a solid base in or that does violence to the spirit of the Constitution of the United States. This must be done to reverse the creeping socialism that has been encroaching on American society for eight decades. It takes but minutes, hours at most, to set the course for the longest journey, but it will take time to get there. No matter how frequent or how severe the storms enroute, given due diligence to the set course and the preservation of the vessel, arrival at the intended destination is all but inevitable.
---William Fortner 2010---

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