Monday, April 12, 2010


I watch the struggles as little people subjugate smaller people confined by arbitrary lines on paper and proclaim themselves "master" over them. Now there are those who would subjugate all mankind to be the global master. How foolish; how futile. No man or multitude can be "Master of this World". My Father gave my Master dominion over this small speck in the universe, this universe and countless other universes as yet unseen and untold. My Master holds in His hand the next breath and next heartbeat of any who would call themselves master here. Who, then, is truly master? Only a stupid one would claim dominion over that which cannot be his lest the true owner appear and destroy him. Therefore, would be "masters", you are not mine. I am His. Trouble me no more with your pompous vain glory. My Father cast your father out of His house. Here he is just another homeless wanderer, a dark vagabond with no future.
---William Fortner 2010---

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