Friday, April 9, 2010

Realistically Speaking

Realistically speaking, if the administration announced at high noon tomorrow that congress was dissolved and locked the doors what would the people do about it besides whine? If the president declared that the Czars were the new leaders and elections were unnecessary from now on what could you do? If the administration has disbanded the House, it has usurped the public purse and nothing would move in America without administrative say so, not fuel, not food, nothing. Do you think the military would attempt a coup? I don't think so. If the administration turned off the funding for the military, it is stranded in foreign ports and foreign nations. What is at home can't pay the bills to feed or sustain itself. Don't forget, all the administration has to do is feed the inner cities and it instantly has huge, loyal armies all across the nation at its beck and call to which it can grant marque to forage upon the land as their "right" to "take what is theirs". What would America become, a series of ill-armed, ill-prepared communities that are picked off one-by-one by the inner city rabble? Once the seed corn is eaten, the rabble will destroy themselves as they are by nature neither self reliant nor self sustaining by their own hand and the gateway is thrown wide open for "one-world" government, something that could not happen while America stood to oppose it.

I don't think the American people realize what a tenuous grasp they have on freedom, how fearful and determined the enemy or how great the global responsibility that has been thrust upon them by world events.
---William Fortner 2010---

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