Friday, July 23, 2010

Mission Accomplished...Obama Can Go Home Now.

Barack Obama can leave anytime now. The job he was given to do has been done. The Constitution and rule of law has been so deeply downtrodden into the mire that neither the Administration nor Congress feels bound, in the slightest, by its precepts while we, the people, look on and shrug our shoulders. America's health-care is in shambles as no one knows what his plan does in its entirety. Congress still hasn't read the legislation they passed. The bits and pieces leaking out are frightening. It will be Gordian Knot unravenable for a decade or more, but even then, the damage has already been done. The economy is teetering on the very knife edge of ruin by socialist fiscal policies that produced incredible national debt, waiting only for the slightest zephyr of truth for the dollar to come tumbling down. Business and industry has either shut down or moved off shore leaving this former industrial giant a cottage industry with upwards of 20% of the nation unemployed. The tax base has shrunk to just about 50% with the other half leeching off the ones that still have a work ethic. We have lost the respect of the rest of the world community by the apologetic buffoonery of our leader and the very last shred of national credibility will vanish like a vapor when it is revealed that a non-citizen with the help of powerful backers pulled off the greatest scam in recorded history and no one had the balls to put a stop to it...and, make no mistake about it, it was done with the advice and consent of the entire congress; they knew. Our constitutional congress has been replaced and nullified by Marxist czars who rule the country in reality. Congress has been relegated to passing out money from the remaining taxpayers and printing presses to the ever growing army of slackards and special interests who keep the current congress in office clinging desperately to their fading power as it slips through their fingers and into the hands of unelected entities. Efforts to weaken the nation's defense have been accomplished with remarkable success. Our only edge was technology and vital technology was given or sold to potential enemies by a previous administration and brutally curtailed by this one leaving America at the mercy of a potential enemy that has a standing army just a shade smaller than our entire population. The single, last step may be the formal turn over of America to UN control. Whether that will be done formally by the administration and congress as a final parting insult or just simply allowed to happen as the UN flows in to fill the power vacuum when Obama leaves for whatever reason and total chaos sets in. He could go home to Kenya. The extradition agreement between the US and Kenya allows for several exemptions and Obama is pouring, many say illegally, millions of US dollars into the Kenyan elections to ensure the outcome is favorable. I feel certain that America has been had. I am waiting to see how the rest of this charade plays out. I am afraid the last act will be as bloody as it will be futile. The saddest aspect of this whole disaster is that it could have been avoided by an active and educated electorate and an honest media. The persons responsible for not putting an end to this debacle in time to save the republic stare back at us from the mirror every morning. One fact is irrefutable. This government, as it has become, is not repairable. It must be rebuilt from scratch using the core values of our original founders. Whether America will be given that second chance is no longer in earthly hands.
---William Fortner 2010---

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Jon said...

In a past life I was a swabbie and then plebe and I am humbled to be of the same mind with many of your musings.