Tuesday, July 13, 2010

To The Bankers And Financiers

The bankers and financiers who would rule the world by controlling the money supply are ignorant of history and creation. At one time, the mighty Templars, who had no designs on global domination, were bankers to the world and many countries were heavily in debt to them, France in particular. In a single night, the Templars were rounded up, their wealth and property confiscated and they were put to death, often horribly, over several months. You may believe you have great power on a leash and under control, but remember, you are holding the other end of that leash and your nature makes it impossible for you to let go. That power can, and will, turn on you and devour you in the blink of an eye. The instant that power you think you control realizes its salvation is in your destruction you are doomed.

You think you control the power of nations, but nations are governments and government, in particular, has historically proven to be the most capricious and undependable entity ever created by mankind. I believe the only real question in this matter is whether you will be torn apart by an angry mob and suffer a painful end relatively quickly or be placed in a small room to rot for the rest of your lives.

Secondly, you did not create this world and therefore have no lasting power over it. Any control you may think you have comes at the sufferance of One far greater than your small minds can comprehend. Your attempt to control this world may amuse you, but it may not amuse the One who owns the universe. Think about that bankers and financiers.

---William Fortner 2010---

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