Friday, August 22, 2008

The Buck Stops Here

A cancer started in the sixties that America still refuses to recognize as such so the painful treatment required to eliminate it has never been performed. That cancer has metastasized into every walk of life. America has not fared well on the moral decay that began in the sixties and permeates national leadership and the bureaucracy that supports it. I wonder if America will ever be as we seniors once knew it. What is the cure for unconstitutional government bloat, mismanagement of the public purse and cavalier indifference to the electorate? What laxative will flush from the body politic dishonest politicians infected with haughtiness, avarice, incompetence and the thirst for power? What antibiotic will kill the deadly germs of political correctness, political narrow-mindedness and political ignorance? What poultice will remove the greed many have that extends to demanding the wealth earned by others as their just entitlement? What elixir will restore respect for others, personal property and those in authority? What potion will regenerate self reliance, pride in accomplishment and the will to excel? What nostrum will reinduce patriotism and pride in America? What scalpel will sever the federal bonds that ensnare our children in a web of misinformation, socialist indoctrination and institutionalized mediocrity? What psychological breakthrough will restore God to the position of leadership in our lives He enjoyed when we were children? What miracle drug will restore America as we knew it just a few decades ago and reestablish the family as the national unit? Perhaps it isn't a pill, potion, nostrum or elixir we need. Perhaps what we need is to give government a swift kick in the backside at the voting booth and further refuse to contribute to the delinquency of Congress by paying for any legislation the government cannot show is specifically required by the US Constitution. Harry Truman was wrong. The buck stops here.
---William Fortner 2008---

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