Sunday, August 31, 2008

No Honor

There is no honor or decency among the left. To them, freedom of speech means the absolute right to degrade, vilify, besmirch and destroy anyone they chose using any lie, derogatory intimation or fairytale that comes to mind. Truth is not in them because truth cannot abide a putrefying host.

It is so sad that the left can't compete honestly and deal in facts and not fantasy. Sarah Palin is so far above them morally, spiritually and intelligently they have to try to bring her down to their size. I don't think she can be reduced to something as small and sullen as the average Kos kid, as nebulous as a breath of Huffpo hot air or a Mooooooooove On bovine herd follower. The lack of even the most basic decency, sense of civility, courtesy or manners among liberal democrats is a national embarrassment. They should be ashamed, but they are so focused on their pathological hatred they cannot sense the scope and blackness of the disgrace and dishonor that encompasses them like a grave. They exist on hate, lies and innuendo. I take comfort that ethical people with moral compasses are immune to their malicious and hateful rantings and know the filth they spew is from the feculent excrement on which they feed.

I have no use for soulless, rotting heaps of sullage that are incapable of contributing to the betterment of society. They are beyond contempt by all decent people. When I hear a leftist prattling some exaggerated and untrue twaddle, I feel a need to scrape it off my shoes and take a bath. Their hateful rantings make fetid even the electrons used to transmit their filth.

America would be a more genteel and gracious place if these repugnant dung heaps of enmity were completely ignored, shunned by decent society and left to decompose from their own internal corruption. But I will pray for them. I am told that praying for those who despitefully use you heaps coals of fire upon their heads, I will pray hard and perhaps countless cases of spontaneous combustion will begin to purify what they have sullied.
---Bill Fortner 2008---

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