Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Global Cooling

Aggravated Press---WASHINGTON DC.

October 8, 2008, 3:30 P.M. CT

With the earth continuing to cool since 2001, Al Gore is urging the administration to place stiff penalties and surcharges on electric, alternative fuel and fuel efficient cars starting in 2010. Those vehicles do not do their part to increase carbon and greenhouse gasses in the air necessary to keep the Earth from racing headlong into another ice age. He also calls for a mandatory shutdown of so called clean nuclear and natural gas power generation sites as well as all solar and wind facilities and the return to sensible coal. Global cooling is being blamed on George Bush and his radical position on global warming. Mr. Gore said that Mr. Bush's insane push to remove every particle of CO2 and other Earth friendly aerosol matter from the atmosphere has placed the human race and all other life on the planet at the very brink of extinction by freezing.

Mr. Gore says that the current Republican administration is ignoring the inconvient truth that an ice age is bearing down on Earth like a freight train and America can expect to be covered by an ice layer two miles thick in 10 years unless enough warming additives are released into the atmosphere. These warming gasses and particulate matter, formerly called smog by the uninformed, will keep the Earth from excessive cooling, but adds that we must act now. The added threat of land bridges opening between Russia and Alaska as well as North America and northern Europe will further exacerbate the illegal immigration problem as well as make America vulnerable to land attack from those venues.

Environmentalists are joining a class action suit against the Bush administration for failure to take seriously their concerted warnings about global cooling and their demands to burn off old growth forrests to save the world with smoke.

Barney Frank claims the Bush administration has sentenced the poor to death by not providing them adequate housing whether they could afford it or not. Frank claims the right to a free home and all the amenities are a constitutional right that has been trodden underfoot by the vicious administration. Bureaucrats are frantically printing money and storing it away to be used as a fuel in fireplaces.

Since the Bush administration has failed to develop America's extensive natural oil and gas reserves home heating fuel and gasoline are expected to be nonexistant. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid joined in a resolution to impeach George Bush for not drilling everywhere possible to get America's vast storehouse of oil and natural gas to the people. They claimed his repeated vetos of their legislation to make this possible destroyed all hope of survival for all but the Democrats in Congress who are necessary to rebuild government when the crisis is over.

---William Fortner 2008---

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