Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bad Legislation

April 19, 2007

Congressman *******,
I would appreciate it if you would vote NO on H.R. 984. I cannot conceive of a worse piece of legislation that has the potential to cut off communication with the Executive Branch. H.R. 984 would be acceptable ONLY if it also applies to the Legislative Branch and the Judicial Branch as well.

“Congress should make no law and exempt itself from that law.” I want you to oppose any and every bill that Congress proposes that exempts itself from compliance in any way, shape or form.

H.R. 808, The Department of Peace and Non-Violence Act” is the biggest crock of horse manure I have ever read. Outside of the Military Code of Conduct, I can’t think of any useful “values” not based on some religious code. I want you to vote NO on this one too. Spend the money saved on the military. Non-violence in this day and age is the first step to becoming a Muslim or fertilizer.

William S. Fortner

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