Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Congratulations eco-thugs! You have single-handedly managed to begin the process of starving and destabilizing the remainder of the world by demanding ethanol. In the foreseeable future, the heavy demands on the resources of your goddess, Mother Gaia, will likely drop precipitously as entire nations succumb to starvation and food wars. That is the REAL reason you fought so hard for corn power isn't it? You couldn't have been so stupid or blind to the obvious fallout from your manipulation of a global staple could you? That you advocate all this misery for a product that costs more to make than it delivers in benefit typifies your hatred for humanity.

How do you rationally justify demanding 40 miles per gallon fuel economy then mandating the use of a fuel that cannot possibly provide that performance? Your last whim was a battery-powered car that presented significant pollution problems on both ends, manufacture and disposal. Yet you do not champion hydrogen, an abundant element that provides more power, burns clean and will meet world needs for the 5 billion year life remaining for our star and not impact on humanity.

You just really don't approve of human beings outside of your narrow point of view do you? Give away your eating utensils, destroy any internal combustion devices you own and turn off the power to your houses. You deserve none of these. You need to share immediately in the suffering you are causing.

William Fortner (Letter to the editor 5/2008)

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