Saturday, July 26, 2008

Pelosi's Perqs

I understand from Fox yesterday that Nancy Pelosi uses military jets for her weekly trips home to California then back to Washington DC. Free. Not hitching a ride with a plane already going that way, no, private, for her. Free. However, recently she has requested a LARGER jet, so she can take family, friends, other legislators, etc. Free. No sharing a plane with her constituents, not coach, not even first class. On us, her own personal jet, free. I am curious what Constitutional law or congressional bill authorized that perk?

She’s really concerned about global warming, un huh…right. How many gallons of jet fuel are used in a cross-America trip twice a week for her personal use? Global warming my ass. I think this needs to be out in the public’s view. I also would like to figure the amount of fuel used, damage done, money spent and deduct it from her pay.

This is nothing short of theft by the leading member of the Imperial Socialist Democrat Party. “Power to the people…but more power and privilege to us.” Time for a letter writing campaign to our congress weasels to light a fire under their asses. I have already received one plea for campaign funds and know another is in the mill. I will not be inclined to donate until Pelosi walks or pays out of her pocket. Speaker of the House is not a royal title nor does it command special favors from the public trough in a republic. Chip in a buy her a broom.

William Fortner

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