Saturday, July 26, 2008

Wavering Congressional Stance

January 31, 2007

Senator ********,
I grow weary of the constant flip-flopping of the Democrats and some Republicans in name only regarding the American military presence in Iraq and Afghanistan.

That uncertainty emboldens our enemies and stresses our troops needlessly. No one wants to die for a predetermined lost cause. It is a travesty that the troops hear treasonous speeches by elected officials that go unchallenged and unpunished. I am disgusted by the politics before people, and party before principle attitude that prevails in politics today. In my judgment, few in the Senate or House are worthy to even breathe the air in the Capitol building. They are unwelcome in the homes of decent people and I would not open my door to them. Out of their mouths pours the garbage of lies and treason and there is no outrage, there is no outcry. If our government no longer has a conscience and is devoid of honor, then that is our end. The few good men we have are doing nothing.

I want you to initiate legislation to bring the troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as Germany, Holland, England, South Korea, Kosovo, Japan and every other place on the globe where Pax Americana exists. With the exception of Iraq and Iran, those countries have no need for us and have been sucking the American teat needlessly. We need those soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines here when the fight comes to our shores and come it will. There are over 600 people in congress, perhaps they can form a battalion and lead the charge against our enemy as they have done precious little to defeat the enemy elsewhere.

Senator, other than standing mute in the face of treason, I do not fault you for this mess. I know where you stand and I am encouraged, but I am afraid the foundation of this country is crumbling under the assault of self serving politicians.

William Fortner

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