Saturday, July 12, 2008

On Second Thought...

On Second Thought...

I now believe a part of the mainstream media finally got it. I applaud the owners and management of ABC NEWS for forbidding its talking heads to wear an American Flag lapel pin just weeks after 9/11. It appears that politicians have become more astute as well. I notice that Obama and Clinton didn't wear flag lapel pins during at least one recent debate. Good on them. They have not displayed any of the character traits and values that made America great and are therefore unworthy to display the American Flag lapel pin or any other patriotic device.

I do not believe video broadcast personnel or most politicians have served the public in a manner that would make them worthy of wearing or displaying the American Flag in any manner whatsoever. Wearing the American flag connotes a public declaration of the personal recognition and adoption of certain self evident truths, patriotic ideals, love of country and support of the Constitution and those who defend it on the battlefield. News organizations and most politicians have not done any of these things in my opinion. Quite the contrary, they have taken positions that are the antithesis of everything America stands for. Not only should TV news personnel be forbidden to wear the American Flag lapel pin, they should not be permitted to display the American Flag at all as a backdrop to their commercial news programming and they should be shunned by American society for thumbing their noses at this country. They have proven themselves unworthy to fairly and honestly use public broadcast frequencies. That privilege should be forfeit and given to others better able to serve public needs.

In addition, a politician may chose not to wear a flag lapel pin, but a politician who does not render the appropriate and customary honors to the American Flag or the National Anthem brings into question a lot more than patriotism. It brings into question the matter of allegiance. Lofty words that express patriotism, love of country and the unwavering support of American institutions are belied by unpatriotic actions and unconvincing excuses for them. Proven liars as well as closet racists should never be considered as candidates for protector of the people, defender of the nation and keeper of the keys to the kingdom.

Bill Fortner

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